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Wii Bowling Ball
Wii Bowling Ball
Feature: More realistic game play Bowling Ball weight: 1.5 pounds - Dimensions: 7.7 inch Diameter Includes hole adapters to adjust to any finger size Safety locking wrist strap for added security Wii Motion Plus compatible Manufacturer Description Introducing The Bowling Ball for Wii from CTA Digital A realistic Bowling Ball for Wii remote controlled Bowling Games Turn every Wii bowling experience into a perfect game with the Bowling Ball for Wii. This ultra-realistic accessory, allows you to mimic all the critical motions a striking performance requires. This Wii peripheral is the first of its kind to be fashioned after an authentic bowling ball, turning your Wii remote into the ultimate performance-enhancing accessory! A realistic Bowling Ball for Wii remote controlled Bowling Games. View larger. Take your Strike and Spare game play to the next level Once the Wii remote is set inside, insert your fingers into the three holes with your as you would an actual bowling ball. Lastly, make sure to wear the wrist strap securely around your wrist, this will prevent the ball from accidentally flying out of your hand, and you are ready to bowl virtual strikes like a Pro! Simply insert the Wii remote (with or without a Wii Motion Plus adapter connected) into the slot and you re ready to play! The Bowling Ball for Wii is compatible with all Wii bowling titles including Wii Sports, Brunswick Pro Bowling and Ten Pin Alley 2. Locking Wrist Strap included *A locking wrist strap secures the bowling ball to your wrist for safety. Designed for a professional bowler, built for a gamer The CTA Digital Bowling Ball for Wii provides a level of immersion and realism, which is unique and fun for gamers. Wii bowling games can be transformed into a much more realistic experiences
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