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JBL 2451J Compression Driver 4 Diaphragm - New
JBL 2451J Compression Driver 4 Diaphragm - New
JBL 2451J Compression Driver 4 DiaphragmThe Model 2451H/J is a 38 mm(1 1/4 in) exit diameter, compact sizeand light weight addition to JBL's family of professional quality neodymiumcompression drivers. The 38 mm exitallows the Coherent Wave phasingplug to directly couple with OptimizedAperture Bi-Radial horns to provide lower distortion and bettercoverage control to 20 kHz thanprevious designs.The Coherent Wave phasing plugstructure has four equal length passages to provide in-phase summationof diaphragm output at the 38 mmexit, This optimized configurationproduces coherent acoustical powerup to much higher frequencies thanmore conventional designs.The diaphragm design includes JBL'sexclusive three-dimensional diamondpattern surround' tuned to reducefatigue inducing stresses in the membrane and support structure. Thisprovides predictable normal resonance modes, and radial reinforcingribs increase diaphragm stiffness. Thisdiaphragm design combined with theCoherent Wave phasing plugincreases the 2451's output in the 5kHz to 20 kHz range.High temperature voice coil former materials and adhesives enable the 2451H/J to handle higher power levelsover extended periods of time. The voice coils themselvesare identical to previous JBL models, so that impedanceand network matching will be the same. After manufacture,the frequency response of each transducer is tested forconformity to JBL's rigid performance standards.The model 2451H/J is ruggedly constructed to withstandthe rigors of both fixed installations and touring applications. All tolerances are held to the same high levels traditionally associated with JBL designs. The JBL manufacturingprocess permits the use of rim centered diaphragms forinstant interchangeability and ease of field service.Features: 100 watts continuous program above 500 Hz 150 watts continuous program at 1 kHz and higher Neodymium rare-earth magnet structure provides high output, light wei
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