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eMedia My Violin Musical Educational Software
eMedia My Violin Musical Educational Software
eMedia My Violin educational music software makes it easy and fun for kids to create, record and learn music! Your child will have fun while learning basic music techniques and concepts, quickly becoming an expert music creator. Kids ages 6 and up learn how to tune a violin, read music notation , even sing along and create their own tracks with fun eMedia kids music software. Research proves that children who play an instrument do better in school, make friends more easily, are more creative, learn self-discipline and gain self-confidence. eMedia's My Violin music software features revolutionary Finger Tracker, that listens to kids as they play and shows whether their fingers are on the right spot. MIDI tracks let kids adjust music speed so they can learn at their own pace. Special features such as an automatic tuner, metronome, and digital music recorder and creator tools are all included. My Violin software is the perfect educational tool to introduce children to playing violin! eMedia My Violin Smart Music Software Features Music learning games keep kids entertained while they learn. Kids get expert guidance from lesson creator Sabina Skalar, violinist for the New York City Ballet. Animated Fingerboard Animated Fingerboard shows fingerings as the music plays so kids can easily follow along. Double-clicking on any note will also show them where to put their fingers. Animated Finger Tracker Animated Finger Tracker listens to your child's violin playing and shows whether their fingers are in the right place on the fingerboard. A great tool for helping them learn and remember notes! Automatic Violin Tuner Using either the computer's built-in microphone or an external one, your child can get tuned up quickly and easily with the built-in interactive tuner. They can just line up the arrow with the right string and be in tune! Full-motion video lessons Large-format video lessons are easy to follow. Split-screens and close-ups guide kids through songs and violin playing techniques.
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