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Seat Belt Extender fits 1993 Ford Thunderbird Front Seats
Seat Belt Extender fits 1993 Ford Thunderbird Front Seats
This Extender is designed to fit in the exact location specified in the title. Just click it into your vehicle’s seat belt, and you’re ready to go. All of the Extenders we offer are manufactured with your safety in mind, and they make driving and riding in cars more comfortable - guaranteed. Superb Benefits: No installation: just click and go Safety tested: E-4 Certified and exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Guaranteed or your money back This Extender is Ideal For: bigger-bodied people pregnant women (do not rest buckle on stomach - keep to side) fire fighters, police men and service persons with bulky equipment belts child booster seats those with limited mobility and range of motion  To learn about Extender Safety, please click HERE. All Extenders come packaged with safety instructions to ensure that you’re able to use your Extender in the safest way possible. Disclaimers Every seat belt in the same car can be different, and seat belts can change year to year. Please only purchase listings for the exact make, model, year and seat for which you are trying to use this Extender.  All variations (length, color and style) that are available for this vehicle’s Extender are listed in the drop-down options section. If you do not see the length, color or style listed that you are seeking, then it is not available for your particular vehicle. This listing is verified only for the U.S. version of this vehicle. For non-US purchases, we can't guarantee Extender fit; please note that return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Your Extender may have a tag with the logo of a vehicle manufacturer other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. This is not a problem, and you can still use the Extender. If the Extender doesn’t fit, it is not because it is “meant for” a different vehicle brand; it is because your car's metal tongue requires a different Extender receptacle or metal tongue. We will always help if the Extender does not fit as expected. Please contact us.
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