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JumperZ 3' JDB25-XLRF-3 Pro Studio Interconnect - 3', XLRF
JumperZ 3' JDB25-XLRF-3 Pro Studio Interconnect - 3', XLRF
Cables - Jumperz makes affordable, high-quality cables right here in the USA. Drawing on their years of cable-making experience, Jumperz cables and snakes utilize custom-spec wires and connectors from only the most trusted brands. Jumperz cables and snakes are the result of intelligent design, obsessive attention to detail, and handcrafted professional quality. They're designed to perform and built to last. The proof is in the listening: quality components make better cables, and better cables help you create great-sounding recordings or performances. Wire up your studio or stage with Jumperz.The Jumperz JDB-25-XLRF-3 is an 8-channel, 3' snake with DB-25 Male and XLR Female terminations. Jumperz JDB-25-XLRF-3 Snake Features at a Glance:3', 8-channel DB-25 Male-XLR Female snakeJumperz ZipLines ZL8 8-channel custom high-strand-count 24 AWG analog audio cableIndividually shielded and jacketed pairsMetal DB-25 connector hoods for end-to-end shielding from noiseMachine-terminated DB-25 pins to ensure a quality connection 100% of the timeHeavy-Duty Knurled Thumbscrews to make secure connections fasterTechflex braided sleeving on all fanouts; shrink capped at both endsClearly printed heat-shrink channel markers; heat-shrink insulated ground connectionsSecured solder points; quality audio connectors by Neutrik and AmphenolTASCAM DB-25 pin configurationWire up your studio or stage with Jumperz cables and snakes! Snakes
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