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Mio Fuse Heart Rate Training and Activity Monitor (Crimson)
Mio Fuse Heart Rate Training and Activity Monitor (Crimson)
Mio FUSE Crimson fits large wrist sizes: 156 -208mm / 6.1?-8.2? Monitor & Review Your Entire Daily Performance Mio FUSE is a sleek wristband that combines all the features of a heart rate monitor, sports watch, and activity tracker. Heart rate data is EKG accurate and does not require the use of a chest strap. Monitor the intensity of your workouts and your movement throughout the day for a more comprehensive look at exertion, recovery, and overall fitness. All-day activity statistics include steps, calories, distance, and goal progress. Stay Connected to Your Favorite Apps and Devices Use the Mio GO app to configure your personal settings, and wirelessly and automatically sync your activity data. You can also track your workouts with dozens of popular third-party fitness apps, such as Strava, Wahoo, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Endomondo, and more. FUSE transmits heart rate via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ to smartphones, bike computers, GPS watches, and other compatible devices. Continuous Technology Keeps the Beat An electro-optical cell senses the volume of blood under the skin. From there, sophisticated algorithms are applied so that the heart?s true rhythm can be detected, even during high intensity workouts. Just as Accurate as a Heart Rate Chest Strap With a 0.99 correlation to EKG in laboratory testing, Mio optical heart rate technology matches or outperforms the top heart rate monitor chest straps ? even while running or cycling at high performance speeds. Innovative Wearable Tech. Unparalleled Comfort Made of soft, durable silicone, Mio FUSE is a lightweight and comfortable wristband featuring a curved touchscreen display that shows your activity and heart rate data at a glance. With no uncomfortable chest strap required, FUSE makes it easy for you to accurately monitor your heart rate during your workouts. Features EKG-accurate heart rate data, with no chest strap required Tracks steps, pace, distance and calories to provide a complete assessment of your daily effort Customizable display and configurable heart rate zones Connects to fitness apps with Bluetooth Smart (4.0) Sync heart rate to bike computers & GPS watches via ANT+ Stores activity data and wirelessly syncs to the Mio GO app Water resistant to 30m (3ATM) Specs Material : Soft silicone Display : LED Battery : Rechargeable li-poly battery with USB charger Battery Life : Approximately 6-7 days with 1 hour of workout time per day Memory : Offline storage of 2 weeks of daily activity data / Offline storage of 30 hours of workout data Water Resistant : 30m (3 ATM) Heart Rate Zones : Vibration (optional and customizable via Mio GO app) Dimensions : 259 x 30 x 16 mm (lxwxh) Weight : 39g Sensors : Optical heart rate, 3-axis accelerometer Sync method : Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ Measures : EKG-accurate heart rate, calories, distance, pace, and steps Timers : Chronograph
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