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Silk'n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device
Silk'n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device
This Silk'n Flash & Go hair removal device is an FDA-cleared tool to get rid of unwanted body hair. It permanently disables hair regrowth, so you can have the smooth skin you've always wanted. Flash & Go uses highly sophisticated Home Pulsed Light technology to safely and effectively provide proven long-term hair removal results. PRODUCT FEATURES Removes unwanted hair with permanent results. Perfect for sensitive areas Includes one device unit with narrow lamp cartridge, containing 5,000 flashes No more waxing, shaving or plucking Large treatment spot size of 4 cm The wonder of HPL technology is its ability to pack the efficiency and professional results of in-office laser treatments in a safe, portable and easy-to-use light-based device in the comfort of your home. A unique skin color sensor built into the Flash & Go measures the treated skin complexion at the beginning of each session. The skin color sensor ensures that pulses will only be emitted on suitable skin tones. As with professional laser treatments, a series of treatments is required to clear an area of unwanted hair. HOW TO USE Recommended Treatment Protocol: Treatment sessions are to be performed every two weeks for the first four treatments. After the fourth treatment, the sessions should be performed every month or whenever unwanted hair appears. On an average woman, it takes six to eight treatment sessions to have hair removed. Men take an average of eight to ten treatment sessions. Precautions: Silk n Flash & Go is NOT suitable for brown or black skin complexions. Silk n Flash & Go is NOT effective on blonde, white, or gray hair. It is NOT recommended to use Silk'n Flash & Go on skin that has been recently exposed to sunlight, as this may result in burns, blisters, and skin color changes. Do NOT expose treated areas of skin to the sun. To protect recently treated skin when exposed to sunlight, be sure to thoroughly apply sunscreen SPF 30 or higher for two weeks after each hair removal session. PRODUCT DETAILS Includes: Flash & Go Device with 5,000 pulse cartridge & User Manual and Instructional DVD Style no. 13587466
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EasyComforts   Hair No More Spray Inhibitor
EasyComforts Hair No More Spray Inhibitor
Hair No More Spray, dermatologist recommended, is a 100% natural, painless, safe and effective hair removal spray. For best results and daily maintenance following use of Hair No More Vanishing Creme, apply the Spray Mist Inhibitor (4 oz.) to chest, legs and back. Hair No More Spray Mist Inhibitor stops unwanted hair growth in 1-9 months. Anti-Aging Skin Complex provides a dewy, youthful appearance. Usage: Step 2: Spray Mist (4 oz.) Inhibitor Gradually stops regrowth over time. Restores daily PH balance of the skin. Ongoing dewy youthful appearance. Anti-aging skin complex. Contains vitamins, herbs, and anti-oxidants. Use twice daily, reapply after bathing. Spray Mist (4oz.) Inhibitor: Use Spray Mist Inhibitor on chest, back and legs. Do not use any other products before applying the Hair No More Spray Mist Inhibitor. Dry area and gently message a good amount of Soothing Gel onto skin. Do not wash off. Leave skin clean and clear prior to applying either Hair No More Inhibitor. The all natural Inhibitors contain Vitamins A and E, the finest aloe vera, and the powerful and fragrant anti-oxidant green tea extract, which protects the skin from environmental damage. Use Hair No More Inhibitors twice a day. Reapply after bathing. Continue applications on a daily basis to maintain hair-free skin. Results will be achieved between 1 to 4 months. Men's facial beards will take longer to reach desired results. Ingredients: Spray Mist Inhibitor (4 oz.): Dionized Water, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Extract, Botanical Extract Blend (Bio-Enzymatic Plant Extracts), Disodium EDTA, Tea Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxethanol, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance (Green Tea Extract), Kiwi, Mango.
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