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Skin Doctors Hair No More Hair Removal System Pack
Skin Doctors Hair No More Hair Removal System Pack
Product Information: Hair No More uses a two-phase action. In phase one the pleasantly fragranced hair removal cream dissolves the proteins that make up hair, literally melting the hair away. In phase two the scientifically developed liquid inhibitor spray gets into the pores of the skin and saturates the hair bulb. The liquid starves the hair at the root and prevents hair cells from germinating.Active ingredients include: Calcium Thioglycolate--efficiently dissolves the proteins of the keratins in the hair without any burning sensation or skin irritation. Aloe Vera--helps to rebalance the pH level of the skin whilst soothing and moisturising. Tocoperol---derived from Vitamin E, this renowned antioxidant skin nourishes and protects the skin. Allantoin--extracted from herbs such as Comfrey and Bearberry, Allantoin helps to soothe the skin and stimulates the growth of healthy new tissue.Specially formulated to be mild on the skin, Hair No More's two phase system is three times as effective in removing unwanted hair than by using the old style creams by themselves. No wonder it's the best selling hair removal product in Australia. Directions Patch test a small amount of Hair No More on the area to be treated. If no irritation occurs commence with full application. Apply Hair No More cream in a thin even layer. Do not rub in. Leave for 2-3 minutes (face), 4-5 minutes (body) then remove a small area of the cream using the spatula. If hair comes away easily the cream has been on long enough. Some hair may need another 1-3 minutes. Do not exceed 5 minutes for the face and 8 minutes for the body. Once the hair has been removed, rinse the any traces away immediately using a soft cloth and clean cold water. Do not use soap or other astringent lotions, antiperspirants or perfumes for 24 hours. Replace cap after use. Once the skin has dried following depilation, spray the treated area with a fine mist of the Hair No More Inhibitor Spray. Massage in until fully absorbed.
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