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PANDORA Sterling Silver Bracelet snap clasp 590702HV-23, 9.1 inch
PANDORA Sterling Silver Bracelet snap clasp 590702HV-23, 9.1 inch
Product Details Pandora Product Features Pandora Product Description PANDORA Sterling Silver Bracelet with clasp 590702HV-23 9.1 inchesDetermine Your Bracelet SizePANDORA Bead or Lobster Clasp Bracelet - PANDORA offers bracelets in sizes 6.7, 7.1, 7.5, 7.9, 8.3, and 9.1. Here's a simple method for determining what size to buy: Wrap a measuring tape tightly around your wrist at the largest point. Add at least three fourths to one inch to your wrist measurement. For example, if your wrist measures 6.50, select a 7.5 size bracelet. By adding the extra inch, this will allow room for charms you will be adding.A good rule of thumb, is that you should be able to put a finger between your wrist and the bracelet. In the beginning your bracelet may feel slightly large, but as you add beads it will feel tighter. By using this guideline, your bracelet should be comfortable when it is entirely full of beads. Measurements apply both to our PANDORA bead and lobster clasp styles. Our PANDORA 7.5 inch bead clasp bracelet is our most popular size and style.Opening A PANDORA Bead Clasp Bracelet The bead clasp bracelet by PANDORA is our most popular style. A well designed bead clasp blends nicely with the look of a completed PANDORA bracelet. To open the bead clasp, press the indentation with your thumb nail to spread open the hinged clasp. Once it opens, you will notice the groove where the bracelet end sits in place. Simply lift the bracelet end to remove it from the groove. Once it is removed, you are ready to begin adding beads to your PANDORA bracelet. SKU: ADIB00H0D77O2
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