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Petco Designer Scallop Top Parakeet Cage
Petco Designer Scallop Top Parakeet Cage
Petco Designer Scallop Top Parakeet Cage - Designer Bird Cage & Parakeet Bird CageGive your precious parakeet a spacious and comfortable home with the Petco Designer Scallop Top Parakeet Cage. This stylish parakeet bird cage is specially designed for the needs and care of pet parakeets.This designer bird cage boasts clean lines and traditional styling, which make it a great addition to practically any home decor. The cage's spacious design comfortably accommodates your feathered friend's toys (sold separately) and also allows for pet parakeets to fully stretch their wings. Physical activity is vital to a bird's health, happiness and overall well-being, which is why it is important for a parakeet bird cage to be roomy. The Petco Designer Scallop Top Parakeet Cage also includes two perches that give your bird plenty of space to rest and observe the goings on in your home.This designer bird cage features a large entry door for when it's time to take your colorful friend out to play. This big door makes it easy to gently take your parakeet out for some fun interaction and to return your bird safely to the parakeet bird cage.The Petco Designer Scallop Top Parakeet Cage comes with two dishes to hold food and water. Each dish is covered to prevent feathers and droppings from contaminating the food or water. The designer bird cage incorporates two small doors that allow you to easily remove and replace the food and water dishes without the risk of a pet escape. The cage even makes cleaning as easy as possible with a convenient pull out try. When the bottom of your parakeet's cage gets messy, just pull out the large plastic base, dump the flooring and slide the base back in with new flooring. You can give your chirping pet a clean habitat in a matter of minutes.
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