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Steinberg The Grand 3 Piano Suite Software
Steinberg The Grand 3 Piano Suite Software
The Grand 3 - The Ultimate Virtual Piano Suite! Exceeding current standards in virtual piano modeling, the Steinberg Grand 3 gives musical inspiration a new name. Consists foremost of three highly acclaimed grand pianos: the Yamaha C7, the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial and the Steinway D. In addition The Grand 3's virtual pianos also include the distinctive character of the vintage Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand and the upright by Nordiska Pianofabriken. The Grand 3 boasts a variety of piano sounds for different music styles, at a sound quality that is simply phenomenal. The Grand 3, Steinberg has not only come up with several different piano models but uses intelligent sample architecture and latest recording technology to achieve an even more authentic sonic image and realistic feel. The Grand 3 Features: 3 virtual grand pianos: Yamaha C7, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial, Steinway D 2 additional pianos: Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand and Nordiska Pianofabriken More than 60 reverb presets Full four-band parametric equalizer Enhanced tuning editor with customizable scales and presets for tempered and concert tuning The standalone version allows The Grand 3 to be used without a host application, making it great for performing live Supports all major formats Three grand masters The Grand 3 prides itself on three outstanding virtual grand pianos with a rich and realistic sound based on the most widely acclaimed grand pianos. The Yamaha C7 grand piano is the artist’s choice — its sound providing a true concert grand experience, while the expressive tone of the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial provides an extended musical range not found in other pianos. What’s more: the incredible sound, responsiveness and superb playing behavior of the Steinway D have also been added to perfectly complement the collection of virtual pianos featured in The Grand 3. More pianos, more choices The classic Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand has a timbral character that makes it genuinely recognizable. The Nordiska Pianofabriken upright piano has been recorded and designed for the not so grandeur of musical genres — its sound is ideal for pop and jazz music. Superb reverberation The Grand 3 comes with a convolution reverb based on the same technology used by REVerence, the world’s first VST3-based convolution reverb processor already featured in Cubase 5 which benefits from every single aspect the VST3 standard has to offer. It boasts sumptuously realistic natural space simulation, emulating any acoustic environment — from the smallest live music venue to the most impressive cathedrals. This reverb includes a vast number of impulse responses that put the characteristic sound of some of the world’s most distinctive settings immediately in one’s hands — both in stereo and surround. An algorithmic reverb is also included to increase the amount of reverbs. With more than 60 reverb presets, this leaves the artist with ample scope to spatially enhance the piano sound! Flexible equalization This powerful and versat
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