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Plus Size Mannequins for Female Clothing
Plus Size Mannequins for Female Clothing
These plus size mannequins are headless. The retail dress forms are for displaying female clothing. These plus size mannequins have a calf and a heel rod for 2 presentation options. The white fiberglass manikins have a full-body design. Detachable limbs.These plus size mannequins are great to showcase the latest fashion lines to consumers. These curvaceous dress forms are durable since they are constructed from fiberglass to last for many years to come. These full-body dummies, plus size mannequins that are headless are designed to fit larger female clothing. In fact, because each body form is proportionally crafted, this headless manikin will look great in any fashion. These white standing manicans, plus size mannequins can be used to display swimwear, lingerie, sports attire, working outfit or holiday dress. Boutiques and retailers can also use these clothing fixtures to sell other accessories such as jewelry, handbags or shoes. These plus size mannequins that are standing allow employees to easily dress or undress the full-body dolls. As a result, retailers can frequently change their store display monthly, weekly or even daily when new clothing arrives!These plus size mannequins that have a matte white finish, such as store fixtures and clothes dummies, are sold with a calf and foot rod included to provide retailers with many display options. The calf rod is designed for users to put shoes on the unit, and the foot rod is for use without shoes. A weighted base will also be included with these plus size mannequins to add weight to the manequin especially when used in high-traffic areas. These standing forms will be shipped to customers unassembled to save on shipping costs. The plus size mannequins can be set up in just minutes! These full-body fashion dummies are available in a male version as well. Get these plus size mannequins at an affordable price and use them to show your new female apparel.
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