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Premium Ganjang, Gluten-free Unpasteurized Artisanal Korean Soy Sauce by Q-Rapha (10.82 fl oz)
Premium Ganjang, Gluten-free Unpasteurized Artisanal Korean Soy Sauce by Q-Rapha (10.82 fl oz)
Q-Rapha ganjang is a gluten-free handmade soy sauce for traditional Korean cooking. It's great in soup, namul (vegetable side dishes), stir-fry and marinade. Since traditional Korean ganjang (guk-ganjang or joseon ganjang in Korean) has a richer flavor and is saltier, you can use smaller amounts than you would with common soy sauce. Q-Rapha ganjang's rich, complex taste comes from the care and hard work of a three-year aging process. It is naturally fermented using a traditional method, and it is unpasteurized to preserve beneficial bacteria.Artisan Uk Gang has dedicated the past 18 years of his life to the art of fermentation. With the know-how he inherited from a jang expert in the 90's, Uk Gang created the foundation for Q-Rapha jang from traditional jang-making artistry that had been honed for over 40 years. Uk Gang currently lives in the U.S. pursuing his passion to cultivate global appreciation for artisanal Korean jang and authentic Korean cuisine. He noted that the reason why manufacturers are shying away from the traditional jang making method is that it requires much more attention, effort and a longer fermentation time. Traditional jang is fermented with many strands of natural bacteria, whereas factory-made jang is fermented with artificially cultivated bacteria for faster production and easier quality control. So, factory-made jang may have a consistent taste, but it does not embody the deep complex flavors of the traditional jang. Traditional jang, however, must be made in a clean environment and with consistent monitoring to ensure good quality and taste. Experienced jang artisans like Uk Gang are able to distinguish beneficial bacteria from useless bacteria, which cause bad flavor and smell. They know how to take care of jang according to the changing climate and surroundings. True love and passion for jang, along with years of hard work and patience, are necessary to achieve this know-how.
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