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Fermentation Crock - 16-Quart (15L)
Fermentation Crock - 16-Quart (15L)
Canning & Preserving - Traditional, probiotic-rich method for making sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled beets, cucumbers, cured ham, salami and more. Made in Boleslawiec, Poland, this fermentation crock is the finest quality, hermetically sealable pot. Unique fermenting crocks are handcrafted of enriched vitrified clay by skilled tradesmen. Adhering to meticulous standards of artisanship, these skilled workers utilize techniques that have been used for generations, ensuring premium quality and an airtight seal. Includes two weigh stones (weights), essential to preservation, keeping food below surface of juice. Unlike food pasteurized in jars, this method of biologically storing pure food in a pot does not lose vitamins or flavor. Preserves flavor and nutrients naturally. Hand wash.Product Features Traditional probiotic-rich method to preserve food, without preservatives Make sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled beets, cucumbers, cured ham, salami and more Handcrafted in Poland using skilled techniques handed down from ge - Specifications Handcrafted in Poland Material: glazed ceramic pottery Includes 2 weigh-stones 5.25-Qt. (5 liter) Model: 1542/KK1092 Size: 9 3/4 Dia. x 11 1/4H Weight: 14-lb., 8-oz. 10.5-Qt. (10 liter) Model: 31010 10L Size: 11 Dia. (13 1/4W w/handles) x 11 1/2H (15 w/lid) Weight: 25-lb. 16 Qt (15 Liter) Model: 31016 Crock Size: 12 Dia. (13 1/2W w/handles) x 15 1/2H (18 3/4 w/lid) Crock Weight: 26 lb., 4 oz. Stone Size: 7 1/2 Dia. x 1H Stones Weight: 3 lb., 4 oz. (2 stones) 21 Qt (21 Liter) Model: 31017 Crock Size: 13 Dia. (15 W w/handles) x 16 1/2H (21 w/lid) Crock Weight: 38 lb., 4 oz. Stones Size: 10 Dia. x 1 1/4 Stones Weight: 8 lb., 4 oz. (2 stones) Care and Use Hand wash Add water to collar level (approximately once a week) to keep pot airtight. To reduce water evaporation, cooking oil may be added. Oil floating on
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