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Powerline Smith Machine PSM-144X
Powerline Smith Machine PSM-144X
Powerline PSM-144X The PowerLine Smith Machine is a true powerhouse that is often imitated but never duplicated. It's a sophisticated combination of free weight power and resistance coupled with the safety and control of a machine. Features: -Extra long twin carriages have long-life patented Super-Glide nylon bushings for frictionless movement and performance over 2square, high polished chrome guide bars -The ladder-type mainframe features full length, heavy-duty 12 gauge square pillars with 14 crossmember Lock-Out Points providing a solid foundation for the Safety Spotter Catches during the heaviest routines -Another high-tech feature standard on the PowerLine Smith Machine is the dual-lock Safety Spotter Catch System. It prevents the bar from pinning the user in a max-out situation by simply turning the pivot sleeve only 15┬░ -Deeply knurled single pivot sleeve with positive glide roll radius was created to transfer lifting movements smoothly to the Safety Spotter Catches. Deemed a sophisticated dual-safety anti-slip lockout system, it operates independently from the main cross bar and simply locks in place with a quick turn of the wrists -Heavy-duty Adjustable Safeties equip you for the unexpected. Jumbo pop pins are quickly and easily adjusted to help you come to a safer, predetermined stop with greater straight-line stability Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench -8-position seat pad adjustments -6-position back pad adjustments -Optional Leg Developer and Preacher Curl attachments -Leg hold-down included Powerline Lat Row Station -High and low pulleys deliver smooth, consistent resistance for lat pulldowns, triceps pressdowns, cable crossovers, seated rows and more -Plate loaded carriage Powerline Pec Attachment -Perform Pec Fly's for fast and effective chest development -Unique design allows unilateral and bilateral movement with even resistance on both pec arms -Thick DuraFirm back pad provides user comfort Squat / Calf Block -18 long x 6-1/2 high calf block -26 long squat platform -Solid steel -2 bolt assembly -Textured, no-slip surfaces -Commercial Rated Dimensions: -81 H 77 W x 51 D.
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