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EW36  Mobility Scooter New (Free Shipping & No Tax)
EW36 Mobility Scooter New (Free Shipping & No Tax)
The Fastest Scooter In The USA! Up to 18 MPH & Up to 45 Miles Range On A Single Battery Charge! Grab A Bargain Today & Save $1700! FREE Shipping. This Scooter Really is Something Else! Progress You Rock. Charles Kenwyn (Kansa City) I Never Knew that a Mobility Scooter Could be so Great. The EW-36 is Just So Fun! Christine Adams (Fresno) 2014 MODELS SHIPPING NOW! The EW-36 mobility scooter is a fast mobility scooter with great looks and luxury features! It reaches speeds of up to 18 MPH and has an extended range of up to 45 miles per charge!* Includes a reverse gear and a deluxe seat with folding armrests and adjustable back. Other standard features include a full lighting system (headlight, tail light, brake light, turn signals), side mirrors, speedometer, front & rear braking system, rear basket, locking glove compartment, locking storage under seat, and an anti-theft alarm system which sounds a loud warning and also locks the drive wheels. The EW-36 has 3 large diameter alloy wheels and comes equipped with shock absorbers on all three wheels. It uses a one-piece combined brushless electric motor, rear axle and differential unit like that of the most expensive mobility scooters for nearly zero maintenance. The electric brake assistant system, with parking brake and reverse switch provides the safety standards that you can rely on. The EW-36 is a great scooter for both fun and reliable transportation. This electric mobility scooter provides the FREEDOM TO MOVE! At 18 mph, it's enormously faster than any motorized chair or any regular mobility scooter (which are limited to 3 or 4 mph), and beats waiting for a cab, a bus, a friend or a family member to provide transportation. It's super quiet, fun to ride, and essentially maintenance free. It's also super economical since it costs less than 1¢ per mile in electricity to drive it. With up to 45 miles per charge, you can go where you want, when you want! The EW-36 is classified as a power chair or mobility scooter and is legal everywhere including Canada The EW-36 is fully assembled, inspected and tested before it is shipped to you! Then, it is securely strapped in the upright position to a wooden pallet and bubble-wrapped. Finally, it is crated in a secure wooden box and shipped to you so that it arrives at your home or business in perfect condition and ready to ride! A dash-mounted speed-control knob is standard on the EW-36. As normal, you adjust the power to the motor with the twist throttle on the right hand grip of the handlebars - just like on any scooter or motorcycle. But, the speed control knob can be used to limit your top speed. UPDATE: WITH THE 2014 MODEL, THE SPEED CONTROL KNOW IS ADJUSTABLE FROM A TOP SPEED OF 18 MPH DOWN TO A TOP SPEED OF 1 MPH. It can now be set to go 'extremely slow' to allow precise control in tight quarters such as a grocery store. Or, when traveling from your home to the local store, you can turn the knob all the way up to 'quick speed' and twist the throttle to accelerate to 18 mph in just a few seconds! So, you have the best of both worlds: fine control of your movement when you need to move precisely and slowly in tight quarters, and everything in between up to very rapid acceleration and higher speeds when you need it. You will never again be held back by an underpowered system! AVAILABLE COLORS: Red, Silver, Orange, Blue & Black! We have many high quality ACCESSORIES for the EW-36 including a weatherproof cover, vented canopy, cargo trailer, premium cup holder, folding safety flag, cane holder, large tiller bag, large or extra-large armrest saddlebags, windshield, heavy duty carrier (vehicle tow hitch with tongue weight rated at 350 lbs or greater required), extra tires, tubes, battery charger, and more! Click on the Related Parts and Accessories tab above (the right of 'Description') to see them. You can add them to
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