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999 Oil Female Sex Enhancer
999 Oil Female Sex Enhancer
999 Oil Female Sex Enhancer Pure Chinese herbal preparations, already extended without sacrificing time of sexual pleasure. This product is a natural plant topical antibiotic agents. 999 Oil Female Sex Enhancer Ingredients: Common Cnidium Fruit Oil, Cinnamon Oil into Seed Oil, Tea tree Oil, Ginger, Pure Chinese Herbal medicine as a bubble wine and liquor   Usage and Dosage Spray after a minute just excited, hot itching, secretions increased, uterus and improve the product warm pleasant sensation, lubrication, protect mucosa, quickly vaginal sex, eliminate sex apathy, quickly as aphrodisiac, help vaginal looseness of women is not humbled themselves, find the pleasant sensation, help young female generate secretion of vaginal dry Note: This product is for external use only. if there is a rash or skin surface scratches, do not use.   Please put the product properly placed far away from children, avoid high humidity and fire.   The product of pure natural plant nutrients by means of percutaneous absorption of topical vaginal skin and mucous membranes are absorbed, there is mild stimulation and contraction, for female genital blood circulation, promote secretion of estrogen hormones to enhance pleasure.   999 Oil Female Sex Enhancer Features: -Vaginal lubrication. -Protection of mucous membranes. -Quickly stimulate female libido. -Can also help women to rapidly stimulate sexual desire. -Help dry quickly produce secretions of women, not as parts of life is painful.   Specification: 10 ML (available about 30 times)   999 Oil Female performance spray oil female excitement one minute after the excitement, heat and itching, increase secretion of fluid, warm womb of the product to improve pleasure, vaginal lubrication, protection of mucosa, rapidly stimulate female sexual desire, is rapidly stimulate female sexual desire, vaginal relaxation to help women is not inferior, to find pleasure when he was young, to help women produce secretions vaginal dryness   Precautions: For those patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, pregnant women as well as children.   Storage: Store at room temperature between, away from moisture, heat and light. Store out of the reach of children.   Shelf Life: 24 months.   This product is non-toxic. Do not affect oral sex   999 Oil Female Enhancer Spray is easy to use and works quickly. Clinical trials have proven that it is quick-acting, safe and effective and you do not need a prescription or medical consultation. It comes in a discreet 3 inch high can, fitted with a metered pump spray giving approximately 120 sprays. There are no side effects if you use this product.
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