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Pullman-Holt PRO SPIN Mop and Bucket 08-0010-06
Pullman-Holt PRO SPIN Mop and Bucket 08-0010-06
Pro Spin in the first professional spin mop bucket. ProSpin includes a bucket with a 2.5 gallon clean water reservoir, spin basket and dirty water compartment. It also comes with a height adjustable steel handle with a mop frame that hinges 90 degrees on each end. This unique foldable frame allows the microfiber pad to be inserted into a spin-dry basket for complete, touch-free drying. Fold one end of the frame up and you have the only tool in the industry that cleans a flat and 90 degree surface at the same time including baseboards, stair-risers and wall corners. ProSpin includes one (1) commercial grade 18-inch microfiber pad that can be laundered hundreds of times. It has special pockets sewn on each end so it fits snugly onto the foldable frame, and is kept firmly in place as you transition from spin drying, to general floor cleaning, to specific 90 degree cleaning tasks.Spin dry without a pedal!Domestic mop buckets require the operator to lift their leg and push a foot pedal to spin dry the mop. Using this technique in a public or commercial environment would represent a serious slip and fall risk. ProSpin dries the mop without activating a foot pedal.Simply place the mop pad in the basket, unlock the height adjustable know and push the handle down. This plunger type motion spins the basket, creating tremendous centrifugal force that thoroughly dries the mop pad.No more lifting! Unlike domestic models, ProSpin is equipped with four swivel casters. No heavy lifting, just roll the outfit wherever you need to go! 08-0010-06
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