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Luxury Watch Traveling Case by Steinhausen
Luxury Watch Traveling Case by Steinhausen
**Watches not included. Traveling is common for Steinhausen owners. Rarely do we want to part ways with our favorite watches. Whether traveling abroad or for a weekend getaway, a gentleman or lady is never far away from a favorite watch. However, traveling can be dangerous to your prized possessions. No matter the choice of luggage, the abuse your belongings receive while going on a cruise or traveling by plane can damage your precious cargo. Steinhausen knows that protecting your timepieces is important to maintaining a well kept collection of fine watches. We also know that a watch collection that is never worn is hardly a watch collection at all. Until now, there was little anyone could do to protect their timepieces while travel, short of just not bringing any watches along. The Luxury Watch Traveling Case by Steinhausen is a unique way to keep your prized possessions protected in a sleek, compact, and economical fashion. Made of sturdy material to ensure not just protection of your finest watches but longevity of the Traveling Case itself, your watches will sit cozy while you are traveling (whether by land, sea, or air). The handsome styling of the Luxury Watch Traveling Case makes it not only functional but an excellent showcase as well. The luxurious white stitching accents the smooth leather outer covering while the sturdy zipper and zipper handle ensure a long lasting, secure opening and closing free from snags and cross biting. The inside of the Luxury Watch Traveling Case will ensure that your watches arrive as safe and secure as you do to your final destination! Lined with a deep, ultra-soft microfiber material, the inside of the Traveling Case will feel like it is melting in your hands. For your watches, it's like staying at a five star hotel! Both sides of the Traveling Case provide a fitted cradle that is ideal for most watch sizes. An elastic band provides for added security and protection by holding the band in place so that the watch is a secure
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