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Killerspin Throw Robot Table Tennis RED 36 X 16.5 X 17
Killerspin Throw Robot Table Tennis RED 36 X 16.5 X 17
Killerspin Throw Robot Table Tennis Description: There are table tennis robots and then there is the Killerspin Throw! Killerspin's first-ever table tennis robot incorporates high-tech functionality into a simple design. The Throw has been developed to teach the sport of Table Tennis to the casual player, train the advanced player for intense competition and everyone in between. The Throw can be set up in less than 10 minutes; simply remove from the box, affix to the end of a standard table tennis table, connect the power supply and ball collection net, fill with balls and start hitting! The Throw includes an all-digital wireless remote (including two AA batteries), three (3) serving modes (Fixed, Random and Program), five (5) serving points on the table, top and under spin serve capabilities and a ball collection next to helps gather returned balls. Unlike other robots, the Throw has two spin wheels, top and bottom, which result in more consistent serves while offering the ability for a myriad of serve styles. Using the wireless remote, up to 19 feet away, serving styles and speed can be changed anytime the Throw is in use. The Arc knob on the serving head allows for low or high-arc serves based on preference. The same serve repeated for consistent practice or up to 30 different serving points and styles can be customized into Program Mode for a more intense practice or play session. The Throw can hold more than 100 balls at a time that are automatically fed and returned to the serving head providing the opportunity for constant play. The ball collection net extends from the Throw to the mid-point of the table and affixes to the tables' net with simple Velcro, allowing returned balls to be easily recollected. The Throw can serve 25-105 balls per minute at speeds ranging from 9-90 mph. Included with the Throw is a custom backpack for simple transportation. Weighing only 17 pounds the Throw can be packed up and carried anywhere you want to play. Spare parts and tools are included with each Throw for simple fixes.
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