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Veratemp 11-910 Non-Contact Thermometer for Professional Use
Veratemp 11-910 Non-Contact Thermometer for Professional Use
The VeraTemp® Non-Contact Thermometer, made by Brooklands Inc, allows you to take a child’s temperature instantly without touching the skin. With a push of the button, the VeraTemp will instantly display the temperature on the back lit LED screen. Simply place the thermometer 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) away from the child’s forehead, press the “SCAN” button, and the temperature will be displayed instantly.Taking a temperature at night just got easier, as the VeraTemp comes equipped with a “traffic light” color display system making it easy to read and diagnose a temperature in any light. The screen will illuminate Green if the temperature is between 97.3 and 99.10F, Orange if the temperature is between 99.3 and 100.20F, and Red if the temperature is above 100.40F.This thermometer is the perfect assistant for any caregiver who struggles to take a child’s temperature. You will no longer need to wake or disturb your child in order to take their temperature. You will be able to check their temperature while they are sound asleep.The VeraTemp is equipped with three different temperature taking modes. With this one device you will be able to check your child’s temperature, room temperature and surface temperature within seconds simply by pressing a button.It truly is “Temperature Taking, Redefined” and is designed, engineered, packaged and quality control tested for accuracy in our fully approved medical manufacturing facility in Boca Raton, Florida.The VeraTemp meets all global Government approvals, ASTM tested, ISO 13485 Quality Systems and is CE registered.
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