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Dynaplug Pro Aluminum Tire Repair Kit
Dynaplug Pro Aluminum Tire Repair Kit
The Pro Aluminum Tire Repair Kit has more than everything you need to make a fast and effective puncture repair in a tubeless tire. Machined with precision from either billet 6061 aluminum, the Dynaplug Pro won't let you down. Light weight, even fully loaded, the Pro models are extremely rugged while compact enough to stow just about anywhere. US Patents Pending. Easytouse, neat and clean. No need for reamers, messy glues or solvents. Just plug the tire and you're ready to go. Dynaplug, a puncture repair system for tubeless tires, is composed of a stainless steel or aluminum body and removable stainless steel insertion tube (to hold the repair plug). The repair plug, a proprietary rubber impregnated cord mounted to a pointed, nonabrasive brass tip, ensures ease of insertion and secure sealing for over 97 of punctures. According to research by Michelin cited in Automobile Magazine (April 1990, page 4547), 97.5 of crown punctures in auto tires are made by objects 4.6mm (about 3/16) or less in diameter. The Dynaplug has been tested in bias ply and steel belted radial tires in all weather conditions and is suitable for repair of punctures in tubeless tires that range in tread thickness from 3/16 to 11/8 at the point of puncture. Dynaplug was designed for consumer use on cars and small trucks but has found extensive use on motorcycles, lawn equipment, ATV's, golf carts, farm implements, and in commercial shops throughout the United States and around the world. The original Dynaplug was first featured in the What's New section of Popular Science (July 1990) and on the ABC TV Home Show. It is highly regarded by all who have used it as the best and easiesttouse tire repair solution on the market. UTAC Certified UTAC in LinasMontlhery , France , tested the performance of a Dynaplug repair plug inserted in a punctured tire of a car. A test tire was pierced by a 3 1/2 inch 16D (penny) nail. The nail was extracted, and the puncture was repaired with a Dynaplug
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