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Seki Edge In Grown Nail Clipper SS-104
Seki Edge In Grown Nail Clipper SS-104
SEKI EDGE REFERENCE CHART Nail Care Nail Clippers, Nail Scissors, Nail Files and many more Cuticle Care Cuticle Nippers, Cuticle Pushers, Cuticle Remover and many more Brow & Lash Care Tweezers, Eyelash Curler, Eyelash Comb, Eyebrow Scissors and many more Body Care Tweezers, Callus Reducer, Blackhead Removers and many more Hair Care Hair Scissors, Hair Razors and many more Grooming Kits Nail Clippers, Nail Files, Hair Scissors, Tweezers and many more When you have in-grown nails, one would know this can be an excruciating and painful experience! Hard, swollen, and tender, the possibility of infection is very real! Making sure you do everything possible to prevent them from coming back or at least slowing down the process is necessary to avoid this pain on a frequent basis. This is why trimming your nails correctly to prevent in-grown nails is imperative when it comes to prevention. When nails are tapered to the corner where the skin meets, this actually encourages the nail to grow into the skin and aggravate the formation of an in-grown nail. It is recommended by professionals to cut nails straight across and is the premise behind the In-grown Toenail Clipper. Are you ready to lessen your pain? Straight cutting edge Slanted mouth Built-in nail catcher Sharp hand-finished cutting edge File included under clipper lever WHAT THIS CLIPPER CAN DO FOR YOU: Slant straight edge is perfect and appropriate for trimming and preventing in-grown nails Built-in catcher allows for easy disposal of clippings Sharp cutting edge allows for clean cuts Cut and file nails from a single tool Appropriate for professional use HOW TO USE: When clipping nails, trim straight across the nail. Hold the clipper so that clippings can fall into the catcher. Dispose of clipping by shaking out over a waste basket. *NOTE: For professional use, keep disinfectant away from the lever of the clipper.
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