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TV Ears 3.0 Digital - Works With Any TV!
TV Ears 3.0 Digital - Works With Any TV!
TV Ears 3.0 Digital is equipped with an easy to use on/off volume dial, tone dial, patented self-molding foam ear tips, and a rechargeable battery. It can produce sounds at up to 120 dB of power and is compatible with analog and digital connections.The TV Ears 3.0 Digital is the first TV Ears system to offer theNEW Angled Ear Tipsthat are designed to direct audio into your ears at the same angle as your ear canal. This helps more audio to get to you as well as makes the headset fit more comfortably. The patented TV Ears Tips self-mold with the ear, reducing background noise and providing unparalleled comfort and cleanliness.The wireless headset weighs only 2 oz and is designed to rest under the chin so it won't mess up your hair, get hot, or become uncomfortable. The headset will even stay on comfortably when lying down.THE TECHNOLOGYVoice Clarifying CircuitryTM- Every TV Ears product contains a proprietary technology calledVoice Clarifying CircuitryTM.Our Voice Clarifying CircuitryTM automatically manipulates the audio curve to increase the clarity of television dialog and decrease the volume of background sounds such as music and sound effects. The words seem to jump out of the sound track, making even whispers and accents understandable.Speed of Light Transmission- TV Ears 3.0 Digital transmits sound at the speed of light with its 2.3 million hertz per second infrared technology. This assures lag free, interference free, voice clarified television audio. Unlike other wireless TV headset technologies, such as radio frequency and Bluetooth, the TV Ears 2.3 MHz infrared transmission technology is completely safe. It will not interfere with your wireless telephone and can be digitized and manipulated to deliver our proprietary Voice Clarifying CircuitryTM, which results in crystal clear television dialogue.
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