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TV Ears Digital Dual Headset System
TV Ears Digital Dual Headset System
I can't live without catching my shows, sports and movies on TV. And lucky for me, my wife is the same. But I just don't hear voice dialogue and subtle sounds like I used to - today's soundtracks and heavy bass make hearing those pretty difficult. It happens to a lot of us, and that would be ok, if not for the times when I've got to have the TV so loud my wife and others cannot even be in the same room! This Wireless Digital TV Listening system frees me from blasting volumes by boosting the sound of dialog on TV via Voice Clarifying Circuitry. Human speech frequencies are heard above loud background noises, so that all spoken words as well as all other sounds are clearly audible. I can set my own TV headset volume, while others set the TV volume normally, or can even mute the TV altogether - perfect for watching from bed, without waking your spouse. Forget the weak, cheap imitations that just indiscriminately (and ineffectively) make every sound louder. And unlike them, TV Ears Digital works on every TV out there, including my prized new flat screen, and all Digital Audio formats are supported. Comfort is unparalleled, with the under-the-chin design that's only 2 oz., and the patented soft tips that self-mold to my ears. Range is a whopping 2000 sq. ft., so I can still hear what's going on while I'm grabbing a snack. Setup is a breeze, and this rechargeable system comes with everything you need - including all connection cords. Charging cradle accommodates up to two headsets. 5 year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA.
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