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Doubler Plush Twin Bed Connector - Improvements
Doubler Plush Twin Bed Connector - Improvements
Convert 2 twin beds into 1 king bed as easily as making the bed. Fits twin and twin XL mattresses. Buckles on to hold twin mattresses together securely. Beds won't spread apart during the night. Enjoy king-size comfort without king-size expense. Twin beds easily connect together to become a king bed...forever or just for a night. Retain the independence of separate twin mattresses, but with the togetherness and comfort of a king-size bed! The one-piece Create-A-King Twin Bed Connector belt system slips over and along the sides of two twin mattresses (75 to 80 long), securing them together while eliminating the uncomfortable separation between the beds. Ideal for your own bedroom...when you join your twin beds together, you get a huge king bed without a huge investment. Or use this twin doubler in the spare room; your guests won't even know that it's really two twin beds joined together, because they'll never feel that annoying crack between the beds. With the Create-A-King Twin Bed Connector, you can convert twin beds to a king bed in just a few minutes. Just cover the joined beds with a king-size mattress pad and sheet, and enjoy king-size luxury. The adjustable snap-shut buckle prevents separation and seamlessly joins the twin beds together. Luxurious sheepskin-like material on the 8-wide center strip is polyester/acrylic, washable and non-allergenic. Made in the USA. Doubler Plush Twin Bed Connector has the same features as above, but designed for more plush or pillowtop twin mattresses that require extra center padding. 12-wide center strip. For 75 to 80-long twin mattresses. Create-A-King Twin Bed Connector benefits:
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