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Doorbell Signalers  - Model DB 200
Doorbell Signalers - Model DB 200
Doorbell Signalers Sonic Alert offers a total of four models of Doorbell Signalers that will alert you when someone comes to visit. You have a choice of two wireless models and two models that require wiring. Wireless Doorbell Signalers The all new, state-of-the-art, DB 100 and DB 200 are the only doorbell and intercom signalers that require no wires and can be installed in seconds. Unlike competing models, the DB 100/DB 200 are not triggered by sound, so annoying false alarms are a thing of the past. Other advanced features include: selectable number of flashes (5 or 10), different flash code for front door, rear door, or intercom (requires additional sensor, sold separately), and a built-in chime for hearing members of the family (can be turned off). Both the DB 100 and DB 200 have a built-in outlet to flash an attached lamp and each sends a signal to all Sonic Alert remote receivers. The DB 200 has the additional feature of being a telephone signaler. Just plug the phone cord into a modular telephone jack. Its low equivalent number does not draw any phone line power. Wired Doorbell Signalers Sonic Alerts wired doorbell signalers are also packed with features, but require simple wiring to work. They can be installed in a home with or without an existing doorbell system and both come with a doorbell button for homes without a doorbell system. The DS 700 flashes the light that is plugged into its own outlet and also sends a signal to remote receivers to flash lights in other rooms. The DS 70 is similar to the DS 700, but does not send a signal to remote receivers. This model is best used in studio apartments and dorm rooms that will only need one light for signaling. Click here for wireless installation instructions
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