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New Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Feet
New Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Feet
All three Big-4 Wheelers were tested in excess of 1,000 pound load capacity.View larger Big-4 Wheeler Wheelbarrows Prevent Spills and Back Injury The Big-4 Wheeler wheelbarrows are designed for both home-use and commercial and agricultural use. The rugged container permits objects to transport easily using only your finger-tips. No need to lift and risk back injury. Also, the stable four-wheeled chassis permits easy non-spill transport of liquids and 'near' liquids, such as cement, with no fear of spills caused by an unstable single or dual wheel load that is dependent upon lifting and balancing for movement. The suspension is designed to accommodate weights that otherwise may not be lifted or moved via conventional one and two-wheeled wheelbarrows. It eliminates stress on shoulders, arms, legs, and back because the worker only pushes as opposed to lifting while pushing. Unbelievable Ease When Moving Heavy Loads The Big-4 Wheeler creates a balanced movement of loadno need to worry about losing grip on handles or having load suddenly tilt to one side or the other causing a spillfour wheels ensures an even transport. It requires minimal physical effort to move any loads within weight restrictions notedno need to purchase a gas-powered vehicle which otherwise may be required. And it will not mar or indent tile or linoleum surfaces when stationary as may occur by PSI pressure caused by metal leg-brace supports when single and/or dual wheel wheelbarrow contains heavy load. Big-4 Wheeler will not create distracting ground divots when working in a delicate or complicated landscaping effort. Great for Commercial and Agricultural Users The Big-4 Wheeler is exceptional for use in maintenance zones where gasses and/or black dust created from gasoline and electric vehicles are unacceptable. When used in commercial, or agricultural settings, weight distribution via four wheels is balanced, ensuring a smaller PSI per wheel as opposed to what may otherwise be experienced at point
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