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Behringer Bass V-AMP (Multi-FX Processor for Bass)
Behringer Bass V-AMP (Multi-FX Processor for Bass)
Bass Guitar Pedals & Effects - Using physical modeling, the Behringer Bass V-AMP modeler/effects processor puts a roomful of classic and modern bass amplifiers right in the palm of your hand. Loaded with 32 amp models, 23 speaker cabinet models, and 16 classic effects, the go-anywhere, do-anything Bass V-AMP is a sonic heavyweight, both onstage and in the studio. Featuring a 3-band EQ, volume and gain controls, and onboard compression, the Bass V-AMP provides you with plenty of sound-shaping options. Although designed primarily for bass guitar, the Behringer Bass V-AMP can also work its magic on keyboards and acoustic-electric guitars. There are decades of bass-playing experience here at Sweetwater. Give us a call, we'll be glad to help you out!Behringer Bass V-AMP Modeler/Effects Processor at a Glance:Physical modeling delivers authentic amps and cabinetsBuilt-in digital effects add polish to your soundPresets provide perfect starting pointsPhysical modeling delivers authentic amps and cabinetsWith a quick twist of a dial, the Behringer Bass V-AMP modeler/effects processor gives you access to unbelievably authentic simulations of the greatest bass sounds from the 1950s to today. If you're used to the controls on an actual bass amp, you'll find the Bass V-AMP's controls familiar. You've got a 3-band EQ, as well as dials for gain, volume, and master volume. A presence control and onboard compression give you further sound-shaping options for a tight, smooth tone.Built-in digital effects add polish to your soundIn order to keep things interesting, the Behringer Bass V-AMP gives you flanger, chorus, reverb, delay, and 12 other stunning digital effects to apply to your sound. You can adjust the effect's level in the mix by twisting the Effects dial. You can rhythmically press the Tap button to control delay times or LFO speeds, then hold down the Tap button and twist the Effects dial to adjust other effect parameters, such as feedback or depth. Additionally, you can use a MIDI pedal, such as the Behringer FCB1010, to bring on the wah-wah funk!Presets provide perfect starting pointsFeaturing 125 presets divided into 25 banks, the Behringer Bass V-AMP modeler/effects processor provides you with a plethora of ready-to-play sounds. If you like to tweak, you can use the Bass V-AMPs presets as starting points, and then save your own presets. Complete with a built-in tuner and noise gate, the BASS V-AMP is a home recording enthusiast's dream come true. It's also useful for the gigging bassist who doesn't want to lug around a truck full of amps.Behringer Bass V-AMP Modeler/Effects Processor Features:32 authentic amp models can be combined with 23 cabinet simulations for infinite possibilitiesBuilt-in digital effects add polish to your sound125 original artist presets provide perfect starting pointsIntuitive user interface for direct display of all essential settingsSweepable 24dB Butterworth frequency crossover for bi-amping operationStereo Aux input lets you play along with a CD, drum machine, or MIDI playbackBalanced stereo Line output with virtual speaker simulation for recording and live applicationsGig bag and dual footswitch for preset selection and tuner control includedHigh-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long lifeOnstage and in the studio, the Behringer Bass V-AMP modeler/effects processor delivers authentic bass amp tone!
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