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Very Private Intimate Moisture -- 2 fl oz
Very Private Intimate Moisture -- 2 fl oz
Relieves Vaginal Dryness Instantly, Enhances IntimacyEliminates vaginal dryness instantly, protects tissue, extends intimacytimeFDA 510(K) tested for safety, approved for internal use (unlike mostother moisturizers or lubricants).Gynecologist, dermatologist & sexologist tested and recommended.Concentrated formula, approximately 64 applications.Fragrance and dye fee. Non-sticky, leaves no residue, & hypoallergenic.Very Private Intimate Moisture feels and functions like a woman's own moisture to relieve vaginal dryness instantly and enhance the pleasure of intimacy.Very Private is a unique two-in-one formula; two moisturizers to hydrate and protect the delicate vaginal tissue plus a natural lubricant to make intimacy completely comfortable for as long as you desire.Very Private is FDA & Gynecologist approved, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic. It contains no fragrance, hormones or chemical colors, safe even after vaginal treatments. This transparent lotion feels completely natural, has no smell or taste, leaves no residue. Very Private is not a contraceptive, safe with latex condoms. Developed by a team of gynecologists and scientists, Very Private Daily Intimate Moisture corrects dryness in the intimate area instantly and effectively. It helps protect the intimate area so that a woman feels comfortable and healthy every day. Very Private is as simple to use as a daily facial moisturizer. A couple of drops of this clear, natural moisture is all you need. It should be applied following the daily body cleansing ritual and always before intimacy.Very Private Intimate Moisture is safe and pure. It is pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and feels completely natural. It contains no fragrance, no hormones, no chemical dyes or plant additives. In fact, it feels just like a woman's own moisture and bonds with a woman's own moisture so that she can feel comfortable, confident and totally feminine.
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