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The 1958 florida vs. auburn 36 x 48 canvas historic football print is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Guitar Amps - The Marshall 1958X tube amplifier combo brings back this iconic amp in all its point-to-point, handwired glory. This all-tube, 18-watt beast gives you access to some of the most iconic rock and blues tones in history. The 1958X's natural sustain and compression comes courtesy of a a pair of EL84 power tubes and a EZ81 rectifier. A handwired turret board and tube-driven tremolo circuit, and a pair of 10 Celestion speakers offer up authentic tone, vibe, and feel. We see lots of amplifiers at Sweetwater, but trust us, you'll love playing through the Marshal 1958X tube amp combo.Marshall 1958X 2 x 10 Tube Amplifier Combo at a Glance:Classic blues and rock tonesHandwired vintage reissueCelestion Greenback speakersClassic blues and rock tonesIf you desire the classic blues and rock tones from yesteryear, then you'll love the Marshall 1958X tube amplifier combo. This is the guitar tone that shaped the sound of '60s blues and rock, from sweet and smooth clean tones to overdriven, growling dirt. Re-created in all its point-to-point handwired goodness, the 1958X is sure to be the center of your guitar rig. And if you need to push the 1958X to the limit, just put your favorite gain boost pedal in front of it and listen to your guitar sing.Handwired vintage reissuePart of Marshall's Handwired series, the 1958X combo amp is an exact re-creation of the legendary amp from the '60s. The 1958X packs three ECC83 preamp tubes and a pair of EL84 power tubes for incredible tonal prowess. You also get an EZ81 tube rectifier, which is responsible for the Marshall 1958X's smooth, singing quality.Celestion Greenback speakersMarshall loaded the 1958X with a pair of 10 Celestion G10-F15 for their unquestionable vintage tone. Think rich midrange, a warm low-frequency response that's neither too tight or too loose, and a gentle high-frequency rolloff that sounds right whether you're playing clean or full-bore. You'll instantly recognize the classic sound when you hear it, and it's the perfect foundation for rock and blues guitar.Marshall 1958X 2 x 10 Tube Amplifier Combo Features:Accurate reissue of the legendary 1962 amplifier, a '60s rock legendHandwired in the UK18 watts of power, perfect for gigging and recordingA pair of EL84 power tubes and a EZ81 tube rectifier adds natural, smooth compression and sustain to your toneTube-driven tremolo circuit for authenticitySounds great with gain boost pedal in front of itGet the iconic rock tones you've been looking for with the handwired Marshall 1958X tube amplifier combo! Guitar Combo Amps
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