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The 2005 toyota corolla is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
2005 2006 Nissan Altima Tint Protection Film for Smoked Head Lights Overlay: This listing is for headlamp tint protection film only and does not include the headlamps. Everyone sees your lights before they can see your wheels. At a fraction of the cost of your wheels BlingLights headlamp tint visually flows into the paint job for a uniform appearance. Lamborghini among other new exotic cars are increasingly being produced with discreet tinted headlamps to highlight the design of the car. Tinted headlamps match all the vehicles black trim and open space no matter the color of the paint. When the headlamps are in use the light passes through the film to maintain proper function without changing the color of the light output. BlingLights unique headlamp tint dissipates heat so it will not melt or discolor with time. BlingLights headlamps tint helps protect the lenses from UV, environmental and chemical detergent damage that with time causes the lenses to appear milky. Recently a customer in Alaska removed the film after 4 years of use and reported the lenses were perfectly preserved and protected from over a hundred car washes and harsh road salt. If the correct tint film is not used it can become a costly nightmare. BlingLights provides the correct tint protection film that easily installs to the outside of the lense similar to a sticker for permanent protection. Save over $200 compared to a stereo shop headlamp tint job. BlingLights includes everything you need with step-by-step photo directions to do the installation yourself in less than 45 minutes on average. Only things not included needed to install is a regular hair dryer, razor and water spray bottle. Razor is only used to cut off extra tint. Can Be Completed Easily in Less Than 45 Minutes on Average Easy to Install & Further Customize to Maintain Clear Portions if Desired Teflon Edge Squeegee Included Step by Step Directions with Color Photos Included Most Popular Medium Tint is Perfect Balance of Looks
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