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Electric Guitars - This superb PRS S2 Standard 22 solidbody electric guitar gives you classic PRS playability, tone, and workmanship. You'll love the aesthetic appeal of this gorgeous electric guitar's contoured double-cutaway body and asymmetric-beveled top, as well as the comfortability of its pattern regular neck profile. Also, thanks to its all-mahogany body, this stripped-down workhorse will give you loads of meaty, musical midrange. When you plug it in, this Standard 22's S2 #7 humbuckers will treat you to a powerful, clear tone with vintage alive characteristics that will make your amp sing sweetly and passionately. The guitarists here at Sweetwater are big fans of these PRS S2 Custom 22 solidbody electric guitars. Get your hands on one, and you will be, too!PRS S2 Standard 22 Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:All-mahogany body oozes with meaty, musical midrangeS2 #7 pickups deliver vintage alive toneThe PRS S2 series of guitars are streamlined, classic workhorsesAll-mahogany body oozes with meaty, musical midrangeIf you're looking for musical midrange, you'll appreciate this PRS S2 Standard 22 solidbody electric guitar's all-mahogany construction. Renown for its thick, present midrange character, mahogany will lend a meaty, organic, harmonically-rich quality to everything you play. Straddling the perfect balance of fundamental and overtones, this S2 Standard 22's resonant tone will make your higher register soloing sound positively amazing! S2 #7 pickups deliver vintage alive tonePlaying through this Custom 22's S2 #7 humbuckers is a wonderful experience. That's because PRS designed S2 #7s to provide you with powerful, clear tone with vintage alive characteristics. Featuring a powerful bridge pickup and a full-range neck pickup, this S2 #7 set delivers a lively, organic tone with impressive sonic punch. You also get a volume and push/pull tone control with a 3-way blade pickup switch for even more sonic flexibility. Make no mistake, whenever you plug this axe in, you're in for a tonal treat!The PRS S2 series of guitars are streamlined, classic workhorsesIn their never-ending quest for guitar perfection, PRS has created the S2 series of guitars. These guitars were designed to give you all the tone and playability that PRS is known for at a lower price point. Key features of this series include PRS S2 locking tuners, custom-wound pickups, the PRS Pattern Regular neck shape, PRS bridges, and a hybrid gloss finish. One thing is for sure - this PRS S2 Standard 22 solidbody electric guitar delivers amazing playability and big guitar tone at a killer price!PRS S2 Standard 22 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:All-mahogany body oozes with meaty, musical midrangeS2 #7 pickups deliver vintage alive tonePush/pull coil tap on the tone control for even more sonic flexibilityMahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard provides comfortable playabilityPRS S2 tremolo tremolo allows for twisting, bending, and nose-divingPRS S2 locking tuners deliver rock-solid tuning stabilityThis PRS S2 Standard 22 solidbody electric guitar brings PRS tone and playability to the working musician! Solidbody Guitars
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Just as the rest of the Red 22 components have been precisely tuned for 11 speeds, the new PC-Red 22 chain was also engineered specifically for the new drivetrain. With the encouragement of cross chaining as part of the trim- and rub-free 'True 22' system by SRAM, the groupset's chain needed to be designed to handle the rigors of every imaginable gearing combination. The result is the PowerChain Red 22, pulling the best technology from its PC-1091R to create an entirely new, 11-speed chain. The first characteristic to note is that the chain's link pins are hollow -- these hollow, chrome hardened pins save 20 grams or so over a chain with solid pins. In addition to being lighter, they're plenty strong so you can expect the PC-Red 22 to have equal durability. It's quite similar to the PC-1091R, though SRAM reworked it to have even more chamfer on the outer plates, added a new inner plate finish, and made it narrower. It's made specifically for 11-speed drivetrains, and it mates perfectly with the tooth shaping and pickup/release points on SRAM's Red 22 cassettes and chainrings for flawless shifting performance. You can install a PC-Red 22 Chain without special tools thanks to SRAM's PowerLock silver connecting link. No other sub-6mm chain in the marketplace shares this feature. And unlike the occasional headaches we're all familiar with when it comes to Shimano HG pins and Wippermann connecting links, the PowerLock link is as strong or stronger than any other link on the chain, and it won't hinder shift quality in the least. The SRAM PC-Red 22 Chain is compatible with both SRAM and Shimano 11-speed drivetrains. Please note that while the PowerLock installation can be done tool-free, it's recommended to be used only once due to the extremely close tolerances required by the narrow 11-speed design. So if you must break your chain for maintenance reasons, a new 11-speed PowerLock link will be required to reassemble it. The Red 22 Chain comes packaged in SRAM's long...
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Competitive Cyclist
SRAM now delivers 22 gears with its new Force groupset. It's called 'True 22,' as the 11-speed drivetrain allows you to utilize every one of these gears, in any combination, without adding any weight to the already outstanding Force drivetrain system. The Force 22 Rear Derailleur stands in as an integral component of the new groupset, calibrated for 11 speeds using the same innovative technologies that have made its Red group an industry leader when it comes to exact, predictable shifting under the world's most demanding riding conditions. When SRAM first introduced its groundbreaking 10-speed Red component group, the heart of the design was 1:1 Exact Actuation technology. This means that with each shift the derailleur pulls the same exact length of cable, regardless of what gear you're in. 1:1 is simple to set up, it stays in adjustment longer, and it provides laser-accurate shifting. This advancement sent competitors scrambling to one-up SRAM. Its engineers didn't buy the hype, and instead they put massive efforts into improving their 10-speed drivetrain. The result is that the new Force 22 Rear Derailleur benefits more directly from the lessons learned over the life of Red than if SRAM were to start from scratch. Today, they've built from that 10-speed foundation, bumping the number of gears to 11. For us, in addition to the added gearing, we receive even tighter shifts than before as we now have smaller gaps between cogs. SRAM's new Force 22 Rear Derailleur now incorporates a longer upper knuckle than the previous version, which easily clears 28-tooth cogs without issue. It's made of incredibly stiff forged aluminum to resist flex, which helps to maintain perfect gear alignment. The inner carbon/aluminum pulley cage was also revamped to resist flex, increasing rigidity for precise gear changes. The pulleys of the Force 22 Rear Derailleur were the main focus for SRAM engineers during the development of the new group, which now adopt the once-Red-exclusive A...
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