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The 3m 12x24micro filtr filter is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive - 0.1 fl. oz (3 ml). 3M Vetbond Tissues Adhesive is an n-butyl Cyanoacrylate adhsive used to bond tissue together for veterinary procedures (i.e. cat declaws lacerations abrasions suture/staple line sealing tooth extractions oral surgeries and dewclaw removal). Product contains blue dye to allow user to easily see where product has been applied. On contact with body tissues Vetbond adhesive changes from liquid to solid state by polymerizing within second to seal the wound. Adhesive stops minor bleeding and binds wound edges. May eliminate need for sutures/bandages in some instances. Also acts as a barrier to keep foreign matter from entering the wound. Tissues adhesive is sloughed as healing occurs. Each 3 ml bottle contains approximately 150 drops.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: Servings Per Container: Approximately 150 Dropsn-butyl cyanoacrylate Dosage: Instructions:1. Vetbond tissues adhesive must be at room temperature before use. Do no heat.2. Remove bottle cap. To open cut off bottle tip with scissors or blade. Place flexible applicator tip on bottle.3. Vetbond adhesive may be use between stainless steel staples but application of adhesive on staple may interfere with staple removal.4. When finished removed excess adhesive in vial tip by holding bottle upright and gently squeeze single drop of adhesive out of tip onto a paper towel. Wipe bottle tip with the same paper towel. Replace bottle cap. Expel adhesive from applicator tip by pushing air through it from a standard syringe.Wound/Surgical Application:1. Clip hair from site.2. Wash with anti-bacterial soaps rinse and dry. 3. Apply preoperative pre (3M DurapPrep Surgical Solution providone-iodine preparations chlorhexidine or isopropyl alcohol).4. Allow the prep solution to completely dry prior to surgery. 5. After the surgical procedures is complete approximate the edges of the wound/surgical incision.6. Application site should be free of excess fluids for best adhesion and to avoid an excessive exothermic (heat generating) reaction.7. Apply Vetbond adhesive sparingly to the surface of the site to form a thin layer. Thick applications will crack and lift prematurely.8. Avoid touching moist surfaces with applicator tip.Note: Do not apply Vetbond tissues adhesive internally or below the epidermal layer.Declaw application:1. Prepare surgical site as usual and amputate claws using routine surgical procedure.2. Remove as much blood as possible from incision site by blotting.3. Approximate the edges to wound/surgical site and sparingly apply Vetbond tissues adhesive to cut surfaces of the skin using the plastic applicator tip provide. One drop for each digit should be sufficient. Note: Do not allow Vetbond issues adhesive to drip into the cavity. Any residual tissues adhesive below the closure site can cause foreign body reactions. Do no glue hair into site.4. Hold skin edges together for 5-10 seconds.5. After completing the procedure check for bleeding and reapply a drop of adhesive to the skin edges if necessary. Bleeding will normally stop within 5-10 minutes. Sutures or dressing are usually not needed but a pressure bandage may be applied if warranted.
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