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The 4u rack server rackmount chassis storage case sata sas rpc4020 is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Featuring the Good4U Food Dehydrator 10 Tray with built in Timer! The Good4U 10 Tray Food dehydrator is easy to use and perfect for dehydrating everything from simple fruits and veggies, marinated raw sprouted trail mix, herbs, up to complex gourmet recipes! The 10 Tray is available in a white or black color, and it is now available with a built in timer! The electronic Timer can be set up to 40 hours. The Good4U Food Dehydrators are also available in the 6 Tray size. The Good4U Dehydrators come with free shipping to the 48 contigous US States, an instructional DVD, 2 mesh sheets, and 2 non stick sheets. Extra non-stick sheets are available for $4 each, and additional shipping charges apply to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska. The Good4U also comes with a Door / Tray Blank, which allows for the removal of three trays to allow for larger items and yogurt. Good4U Dehydrator Color: The 10 Tray Good4U is available in a white or black color. Please write your color choice in the comments section. Some of the unique features include: * 10 year warranty on all electrical components * 10 tray design, providing over 1 square foot per tray of drying space. Each tray measures 14 1/4 x 10 3/4 (36.2 x 27.3 cm) * Convenient size to fit in your kitchen and under a counter * No bulky door to deal with, trays make their own closure. The gaps in the doors allow for more even drying. * Includes 2 non-stick drying sheets and 2 mesh sheets. The mesh and non-stick sheets are used for making fruit leathers, flax crackers, gourmet raw food recipes, etc. Additional non-stick sheets are available for $4 for each sheet. * Foods release from trays easily with the non stick sheets * Color coded, adjustable thermostat from 84 to 155 F (29 to 68C) * 600-watt heating element with 5 1/2 ultra quiet fan * Rear-mounted drying system fan and heating element circulates air from back to front through each tray * Solid ABS polymer construction * the Good4u has 1.25 inches between trays. * Easy to use and easy to clean * Includes instructions and a DVD * Separate lighted on/off switch for visual indication of status * Product Dimensions: 18.5L x 13.5W x 13.5H * Free Shipping and No Tax. I offer free shipping with the Good4U Dehydrator to the 48 US States only. Additional shipping charges apply to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. We also carry the 220 Volt Good4U Dehydrators for use in international countries. The 220 volt is designed for use in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. This 110 volt model is for use in North America. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Good4U Dehydrator Testimonial and Reviews: I have a 6-tray Good4You and I like it very much. I used to have a 5-tray Excalibur (and for various reason I don't anymore) and I liked it as well, but I'm glad I have the Good4You now and I will tell you why: I never liked the crappy door on the Excaliburs. Its kinda cheap and easily falls off and it always annoyed me. Plus the Good4Yous are slimmer than the Excaliburs and therefor an easier fit on the kitchen counter. The only thing I have to say that's a plus on the Excalibur side is that if you want to warm something up, you can remove all the trays, put in whatever it is you want to warm up inside, put the door on, and voila, you have a raw oven. You can't do that with the Good4You simply because there is no door (one of the reasons I bought it). All the trays lock in together to make a door, so if you remove all the trays, you have no door and no way to keep the heat in. This doesn't bother me at all because if I want to heat something up, I'm gonna put it on the stove (I'm an all-or-nothing kinda girl), so I don't miss that function. However if you DO like to warm things up to 100-105 degrees, than the Excalibur might be a better fit. Or at least something to consider. ~ Morgan Lefey ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Note about the Good4U Dehydrator Timer Your new GooD4U dehydrator is equipped with a 40 hour electronic timer. The following are instructions on the setting of
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