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The 78 explorer 200 boat set 58331 intex is sold out or discontinued. We found 133 related products.
78 Resistance Speed Chute for Athletic Performance Speed and Strength Training Key Features: * OVER 210LB (40LB PULL) -78X78 * Increase running speed with enhanced explosiveness * 2 Wide Cushioned and Adjustable waist belt (24 to 40 waist) with fast release velcro closure * Adjustable length Tow Strap (30 to 60) with fast latch to waist belt * 78 Square Chute made of rip-stop nylon, with 8-shroud lines to minimize tangles The speed chute is perfect for adding resistance to your running drills. Use it to increase running speed, explosiveness, acceleration, and lower body strength. The speed chute has a quick release velcro belt, which is great for over-speed training. The waist belt is adjustable up to 40 inches. Item includes speed chute & belt. Chute made of good quality Nylon fabric without panels for economical price range, complete with cushioned belt. SPEED CHUTE Used to build sprint speed, the Speed Chute combines resistance with over-speed running, the two key elements of speed chute training. During the initial part of the run Speed chute provides resistance for strength training, then release the Speed Parachute (via fast release belt) to initiate the over-speed phase. Feel the Burst of Speed! This combination increases your strength, stamina, speed, explosiveness and acceleration while it improves your running technique. OVER-SPEED RUNNING At the point of release (via fast release belt) the athlete will Feel the Burst of Speed, immediately followed by a period of lengthened stride and speed similar to downhill running. With practice, your body will be able to achieve these bursts unassisted.
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The Temptation 78 is an incredibly versatile women's all-mountain ski for aspiring expert to advanced skiers. With the heart of a frontside carver and a freeride touch and feel, this one-ski-quiver delivers enhanced performance for easier progression in all snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker, Extended Sidecut and Cascade Tip combine for easy maneuverability, playfulness and effortless speed control. Traditional camber underfoot delivers powerful edge grip and confident stability. Let Temptation rule whether cruising through chop, weaving through trees, or carving on hardpack on this revolutionary new breed of women's high-performance all-mountain skis. 40% Off-Trail/ 60% On-TrailKey Features of the Rossignol Temptation 78 Skis: Central sidewall Core : wood / basalt Sidecut : 132-82-120 Radius : 14.0 m (168) Auto turn rocker: for: all skier types looking for a more versatile, easier skiing experience in the broadest range of snow and terrain conditions 70% traditional high camber underfoot 30% low rocker at the tip and tail Camber underfoot delivers power, energy, and edge-grip for performance on groomed snow Subtle rocker at the tip and tail delivers easy steering, easier carved turning, effortless speed control and maximum versatility in all terrain and snow types Extended sidecut: sidecut continues beyond contact point where the tip and tail rocker start As speeds and edge angles increase more sidecut is engaged for powerful full length edge grip At lower speeds and edge angles sidecut is less engaged for more maneuverability and ease Cascade tip: varying shapes of metal and/or fiberglass laminates at staggered lengths for lighter tip Unique layered shapes control tip torsion smoothing out turn initiation and improving full edge contact Lighter tip improves swing weight for quick and adaptable turn initiation Sandwich laminate: wood cores with metal and/or high tech laminates provide ultimate stability, power and durability Traditional sidewalls apply direct pressure to the edges for increased precision and edging power
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