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Professor Teaches Windows 7 Advanced is a computer training course design to help you reach expert skill level in the newest version of the popular Microsoft Windows operating system. Professor Teaches Windows 7 Advanced provides complete computer training using advanced lessons and tutorials. This training software is for people who want to get the most out of their new operating system. Download the product and start learning Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced today!What is Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced?Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft's popular computer operating system. It has been designed to make everyday computer tasks simple and easy. With two or three mouse clicks, you will be able to search and find files, connect to a network or arrange window panes side by side.What are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft Window 7 Advanced? Simplify the way you use your PC. Everyday tasks are made easier when you learn advanced Windows 7 concepts from professor TeachesLearn how to share files, media, and printers using Microsoft Windows 7Windows 7 is optimized for small businesses. Protect information and make sharing and collaborating easier by using advanced Windows 7 networking features What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches Windows 7 AdvancedOur extensive computer training course will cover the following topics:Learn How Utilize the Super BarLearn How to Use Jump ListsLearn How to Protect Windows 7 Against ThreatsLearn How Set Internet Security OptionsLearn How to Manage Peripheral HardwareLearn How to Troubleshoot ProblemsLearn How Use the Networking Features Professor Teaches Windows 7 Advanced, Download Version is one of many Instructional Software available through Office Depot. Made by Individual Software.
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