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The Amanda Show: Amanda, Please! Vol.1 - It's a total laughfest with over an hour of skits, commercial parodies and audience participation with Nickelodeon's resident comedienne extraordinare, Amanda Bynes. And lurking backstage is Amanda's number-one fan, Penelope Taint, in her never-ending quest to meet her idol, if you please! Episode 214: Join in a roof Top Square Dance...don a pair of Popper Pants...catch the latest drama to hit Moody's Point...preview some not-so-popular flicks at Blockblister...see Judge Trudy as a reality show contestant...and more! Episode 217: The Klutzes attempt to run a restaurant without hurting anyone too much...The Boost gives kids a real lift...take a dip in Amanda's Jacuzzi with Frankenstein...experience a Hillbilly Moment...and see what happens when Mr. Gullible substitute teaches during a fire drill!! Episode 222: Join Amanda on her search for someone strong enough to open a bag of Little Crazy Hat Man divert your attention from a hairy mole...visit Cookie Doopers for some shockingly good cookies...find out what happens When Bradys Attack...and rock out with Totally Kyle. Episode 226: Visit Jerky Doopers for exotic varieties of jerky (like monkey and rat!)...soak in Amanda's Jacuzzi with Amelia Earhart...join another group of mis-matched participants in the reality show, Stranded...and spend a thoughtful moment with garage guitar guy Totally Kyle as he laments about mosquito bites. The Amanda Show: Girls' Room, Vol.2 - Hold on to your funny bone. You're in for over an hour of laughs with comedienne Amanda Bynes and a hilarious host of characters, skits and parodies. It's The Amanda Show, if you please! Episode 216: Enter the competition in The Girls' Room...join the search for a lost paper clip...dive into Amanda's Jacuzzi with babe Ruth...Joey Pajamas baby-sits...take time out for a Hillbilly Moment...and Totally Kyle talks about his encounter with a spider. Episode 219: Amanda interviews people on the street...the Spitballer 5000 has the power...get the movie you didn't want at Blockblister video...cheerleaders fight crime...Melody and Thad perform offensive wedding songs...Noodle May and Eenis provide another Hillbilly Moment. Episode 224: Mammal O's provide a special surprise in every bowl...Courtney sabotages a class debate... the drama continues on Moody's Point...and Kyle rambles on in an installment of Totally Kyle. Episode 228: Get rid of your lousy school lunch on Lunch Trudy and the Dancing Lobsters arrive for the first day of's a mad search for a missing toe on this episode of Moody's Point.. Back to Back packaging.
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