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For thousands of years man has stood out amongst the rest of nature. Deep within our genetics we are predisposed with a fight or flight mechanism. It’s believed that men with the will to fight, attack, and be victorious are those with the highest levels of testosterone. Nature chose the strong, but it also chose the weak. This all changes with APEX Male, now we can all be pack leaders; we can all be Alpha Males.   By the time all men hit the age of 30, testosterone begins to decline in the body. Now, some men go the route of injectable testosterone, creams, implants, or patches. While other men shrivel up into a shell of their former selves as the years pass them by growing weaker, impotent and at risk for a slew of deadly diseases brought on by low or non-existent test levels.   We recognize that going the way of visiting a doctor, paying for a prescription, and then self-administration of hormone replacement medication is not for everyone. It’s expensive, time consuming, and can be quite the hassle. Now on the other hand, letting your hormone levels go by the wayside is one of the worst ideas a man can ever do.   Apex Male | The Answer for Testosterone Boosters   APEX Male solves both problems. We’re not ignoring declining testosterone levels, but at the same time we’re not visiting a doctor or going through monthly checkups. It’s the best of the both worlds – and at a fraction of the cost.   You might be saying, “I’ve tried OTC testosterone boosters in the past and they didn’t work.” We’ve said that ourselves, but had to examine the real reason before brushing off the potential good in these products. For starters most if not all products on the market simply do not offer enough active dose per serving. Even in brands that use high quality, clinically proven ingredients, they were found to be greatly under dosed from our experimentation.   You’ll notice that we recommend each user take 4 capsules, twice daily of APEX Male. We challenge you to find any other testosterone boosting product on the market that can compete on a dose for dose, milligram for milligram, and ingredient for ingredient side-by-side comparison. We used a clinical dose of each ingredient in this product, leaving no doubt of its effectiveness. Each serving brings a 2760mg punch that will jack of your Testosterone production and leave it soaring.   Within a day of starting APEX Male you can expect all of the benefits from exogenous testosterone medications you would receive from a doctor: Increased energy, increased libido, overall better sense of well-being and mood. If you want better workouts, a better home life, and better overall living experience then give a bottle a try and see for yourself.   Here are some of the most beneficial ways APEX Male can be added to your supplement program:   As mentioned earlier, if you’re feeling all of the normal signs of lower testosterone levels there isn’t a better or stronger natural product available. APEX Male will become a daily staple of your life in the same fashion that breathing, eating, and sleeping is. You wouldn’t stop either of those for any extended period of time would you? When it comes to your hormone health the same diligence needs to be followed.   If you’re a serious bodybuilder or athlete and are using high levels of exogenous testosterone, pro-hormones, or other performance enhancers, APEX Male is going to become a great tool to use as a bridge between your cycles. That means more muscle retained after you come off of your cycle, quicker recovery time if you stay off for an extended period of time. And over time, more muscle mass onto your frame. Stop the yo-yo effect of anabolics. Aren't you tired of gaining 20lb on the scale only to watch it fall off within weeks of stopping? Those days are over with APEX Male.   Not everybody that uses APEX Male is a serious weigh trainer, bodybuilder, or athlete. There are plenty of men who as
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HEART TERRAIN 2 oz (60 ml) Liquid. Heart Terrain by Apex Energetics is a sublingual homeopathic supplement that may work to maintain optimal cardiovascular function. According to the principles of homeopathy highly diluted amounts of natural substances may help stimulate your bodys ability to heal itself. For this reason this liquid supplement offers a proprietary blend of diluted glandular tissues herbs floral essences and metallic extracts that may work to support your cardiovascular system. Additionally Heart Terrain also provides the amino acid taurine as well as CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10). CoQ10 may help address certain symptoms associated with fatigue by helping your cells produce energy while simultaneously discouraging blood clot formation. Moreover taurine may work to manage heart muscle contraction; as a result it may allow the heart to pump out enough blood. Last Heart Terrain contains several vitamins and minerals that can play important roles in heart health. One of these nutrients is magnesium which may work to maintain a normal heartbeat. Take 20 to 60 drops under the tongue one to three times daily before meals. Each bottle of Apex Energetics Heart Terrain contains two fluid ounces of solution which should last for about one to three weeks at the standard dosage. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: Serving Size: 60 DropsServings Per Container: 24Amount Per Serving / % DVVitamin D 343 IU / 85 %Vitamin E 1.3 IU / 4 %Calcium 2.5 mg / <1 %Magnesium 17 mg / <1 %Selenium 60 mcg / 85 %Chromium 110 mg / 92 %Potassium 1.7 mg / <1 %Taurine 8.6 mgCoQ10 Enzyme 2.6 mgProprietary Blend: 27 mg of: **Hawthorne (bud) * Colostrum (bovine) * **Olive Tree (bud) * **Almond Tree (bud) * **Syringia Vulgaris (bud) * **Tamarisk (bud) * **Lime Tree (bud) * **Maize (bud) * Ginseng (root) * Noni (leaf) * Agrimony (flower) * Beech (flower) * Cerato (flower) * Chicory (flower) * Holly (flower) * White Chestnut (flower) * Nickel Gluconate * Cobalt Gluconate * Azunite * Baryntine * Glauconia * Hematite * Native Gold * Rhododendrite * Adrenal Cortex * Adrenal Medulla * Adenosine Triphosphate * Heart * Myocardium * Coronary Artery * Gall Bladder * Liver *.*Daily Value not established.Other ingredients: Filtered water alcohol glycerine alphacalcidol d-alpha tocopherol calcium aspartate magnesium aspartate potassium aspartate selenium aspartate chromium aspartate calcium gluconate magnesium gluconate copper gluconate phosphorus gluconate potassium gluconate sheep tissue. Dosage: Shake well and take 20 to 60 drops under the tongue 1-3 times a day before meals or as directed.
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