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The arcade style cabinet with cricket pro 800 electronic game is sold out or discontinued. We found 38 related products.
Over one hundred arcade games - all in one video game machine. You don't need to go to the arcade to enjoy hours and hours of video game fun! Our arcade legends 3 upright game machine brings over one hundred timeless arcade games right into your home. Play legendary arcade games like Asteroids, Arkanoid, Tempest, Centipede, Millipede, Karate Champ, and 30 different installments of Golden Tee Golf. See the full list of included games below. Experience your favorite arcade games just like you used to. Playing your favorite arcade games in other formats just doesn't do them justice. That's why our upright video game machine was made with authentic hardware and materials used in commercial arcades - to give you the classic video game experience. Dimensions: 40 L x 26.5 W x 67.5 H; 345 lbs. Don't let someone else have the high score. Get your arcade legends 3 upright game machine from Brookstone today! Games include: 10-Yard-Fight(1983, Irem) Alpine Ski(1982, Taito) Anteater(1982, Stern) Arkanoid 2(1988, Taito) Golden Tee Fore! - Cedar Meadows (2000-2005 Incredible Technologies) Armored Car(1981, Stern) Arkanoid(1986, Taito) Asteroids Deluxe(1980, Atari) Asteroids(1979, Atari) Battle Chopper(1987, Irem) Battle Road(1984, Irem) Battlezone(1980, Atari) Berzerk(1980, Stern) Black Widow(1982, Atari) Bubble Bobble(1986, Taito) Burger Time(1982, G-Mode) Burnin' Rubber(1982, G-Mode ) Calipso(1982, Stern) Cameltry(1989, Taito) Caveman Ninja(1991, G-Mode) Centipede(1980, Atari) Cheyenne(1984, Exidy/Kauffman) Clay Pigeon(1986, Exidy/Kauffman) Cobra Command(1984, G-Mode) Combat(1985, Exidy/Kauffman ) Crack Shot(1987, Exidy/Kauffman ) Crime City(1989, Taito) Crossbow(1983, Exidy/Kauffman) Crystal Castles(1983, Atari) Dragon Breed(1989, Irem) Elevator Action(1983, Taito) Fax(1983, Exidy/Kauffman) Final Blow(1988, Taito) Food Fight(1983, Atari) Frenzy(1982, Stern) Gallop(1991, Irem) Gate of Doom(1990, G-Mode) Golden Tee Fore!
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