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The aroma housewares aap 325w electric kettle is sold out or discontinued. We found 555 related products.
Aroma Naturals Wish Holiday Naturally Blended Votive Eco-Candle Peppermint & Vanilla Aroma Naturals Wish Holiday Naturally Blended Votive Eco-Candle Peppermint & Vanilla is a traditional holiday favorite is now available all year round. Loved for its calming and familiar warm aroma, Vanilla is the under-note mixed with the refreshing and stimulating Peppermint. The blends of essential oils, uplift, revitalize, and invigorate filling rooms and your mood with brightness and warmth. Aroma Naturals are made in small batches to ensure quality and to protect the integrity of each aroma. Live well and celebrate with natural candles that refresh your space. Color - Snowflake White Approximate burn time is 15 hours. 100% Plant aromas Allergy Friendly Eco-Safe About AromatherapyMany believe aromatherapy is mysterious, but in fact, it's a very easy-to-understand-albeit fascinating-science. Simply put, aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure plant essential oils to bring well-being to both mind and body. It Begins With Essential OilsEssential oils are the very heart of every flower, fruit, herb, resin, tree and spice on earth. Highly concentrated and extraordinarily fragrant, they're extracted from the cells of the plants through a process known as steam distillation. The essential oils or pure plant aromas that remain are 100 times more concentrated than the original fragrance of the fresh plant. It Works NaturallyWhen we smell essential oils, we register the scent in the limbic system-the part of our brains where memories are stored, emotions are processed, and moods are stimulated. That's why we all have such personal connections to certain scents: when we come in contact with an aroma, our subconscious receives and reacts to it before we are even aware of it. The fragrances of some essential oils automatically encourage us to relax. Others make us feel more energized. Still others leave us calm and comforted.
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The Aroma Diffuser Elite provides a gentle, more soothing way to wind down after your day. To help you get away from your everyday stress and to relax at home, the i.relax Aroma Diffuser Elite applies ultrasonic technology, using 3 of the holistic therapy methods: Aroma therapy, Light therapy and Sound therapy. Combining sight, sound, and fragrance, the Aroma Diffuser Elite allows your evening to continue without harsh beeps, blaring music, or jarring lights. The nature sounds and soothing, color-changing light combine with an aromatic mist to create a multi-sensory evening - or morning wake-up - experience. Relax your mind and body ? Fall in a healthy lifestyle Living in a fast paced city and a modern world today, our mind and body always under different mental and physical stress. Although sleeping can make you feel a bit better, you are still being annoyed by different health problems. To help you combat stress and relax your mind, Oregon Scientific is now introducing the i.relax Aroma Diffuser, a unique product that brings you to a natural pleasant environment by aromatherapy, light therapy and sound therapy, in order to stimulate your senses gently and relax your mind and body. Advanced ultrasonic vapor technology for utilizing every drops of your Aroma oil
The i.relax Mini Aroma Diffuser uses the advanced ultrasonic vapor technology. It diffuses the aroma oil into the air without heating and changing its nature. It simply breaks the water and oil into fine micro particles. That allows you to enjoy the pure Aromatherapy you never had. Different Aroma oil for different you. According to different analysis, aromatherapy could benefit both your health and mind. We especially import a high quality pure organic essential oil from France ? Senteurs. With the use of different Aroma oil, it releases your mind in different atmosphere. What's In The Box Diffuser unit Remote control AC/DC adapter Product Features Aromatherapy - By breaking up a mixture of water and essential oils (not included) into millions of micro-particles, this aroma diffuser allows you to easily breathe this scented blend more easily. Helps release your tension, relax minds, release energy and even breathe better in cold winter days. Aroma diffusion method is ultrasonic vibrated humidification. Adjustable diffusion power control. Light therapy - an area of holistic healing which uses different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) in an attempt to affect our mood, emotions and possibly even our health. Adjustable brightness control. Sound therapy - Sounds coming from the nature such as birds? singing, waterfall, ocean waves that calm your mood. Offering 5 types of peaceful sounds that are known to trigger responses from the brain, which can help us concentrate better, help us relax and help us sleep easier. Adjustable volume control. Silent operation while diffusing Product Specs Product dimension in millimeters 190 length x 190 width x 70 height Product dimension in inches (7.48 length x 7.48 width x 2.76 height) Product weight in grams 660 Product weight in ounces 21.16 Water tank capacity 300 ml Added water temperature should be between 15 to 40 degrees Celsius Extra large LCD Adjustable brightness 12/24 hour format AM/PM Automatic shut off at low water level AC/DC adapter for main unit Battery type for remote CR2025, qty. 1 (included) Battery type for main unit?s clock back-up CR2032, qty. 1 (included) Low battery indicator Timer for turning off/on/repeat Sleep mode Video: Instructional Videos by Oregon Scientific WS903G Aroma Diffuser Elite Introduction and Tips Aroma Diffuser - Introduction click here to start video
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