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The aroma housewares aap 325w electric kettle is sold out or discontinued. We found 302 related products.
Aroma Naturals Meditation Naturally Blended Pillar Eco-Candle 2.5x 4 Patchouli & Frankincense Aroma Naturals Meditation Naturally Blended Pillar Eco-Candle 2.5x 4 Patchouli & Frankincense enhances your well being, lifts your spirits and comforts the mind all while decorating your favorite room or work environment.  Patchouli is grounding and balancing while Frankincense has been use in spiritual settings for over 3,000 years. Together they are meditative and mystical.  The blends of essential oils, uplift, revitalize, and invigorate filling rooms and your mood with brightness and warmth.  Aroma Naturals are made in small batches to ensure quality and to protect the integrity of each aroma.  Live well and celebrate with natural candles that refresh your space. Color - Pearl.  Approximate burn time is 50 hours. 100% Plant aromas Allergy Friendly Eco-Safe About AromatherapyMany believe aromatherapy is mysterious, but in fact, it's a very easy-to-understand-albeit fascinating-science. Simply put, aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure plant essential oils to bring well-being to both mind and body. It Begins With Essential OilsEssential oils are the very heart of every flower, fruit, herb, resin, tree and spice on earth. Highly concentrated and extraordinarily fragrant, they're extracted from the cells of the plants through a process known as steam distillation. The essential oils or pure plant aromas that remain are 100 times more concentrated than the original fragrance of the fresh plant. It Works NaturallyWhen we smell essential oils, we register the scent in the limbic system-the part of our brains where memories are stored, emotions are processed, and moods are stimulated. That's why we all have such personal connections to certain scents: when we come in contact with an aroma, our subconscious receives and reacts to it before we are even aware of it.
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