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The asolo vision shoes for men is sold out or discontinued. We found 100 related products.
A pair of Asolo OM3400 851 Men's Multi-Color Fugitive Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boots will provide the foot comfort you need when you're on your feet all day. This lightweight footwear is ideal whether you're going on a hike or have a hard day of work ahead of you. Your feet will be extremely comfortable inside a pair of these Asolo boots which feature a water-resistant suede leather and high-tenacity nylon upper. While suede is soft against your skin, the nylon is strong and very durable. Not only will nylon resist abrasions and tears, but it's lightweight and very breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable during your treks when you wear these hiking boots. In addition, the Lite 2 anatomical footbed provides maximum comfort and provides cushioning for your feet throughout the day. The Gore-Tex lining inside these shock-absorbing boots will keep you dry and comfortable during a wide range of outdoor activities. An optimum combination of breathability and waterproof protection, Gore-Tex will provide moderate insulation from the elements. It's designed for a wide range of outdoor activities in moderate to cool conditions, ranging from challenging pursuits to everyday wear.Duo Asoflex technology was used when constructing these men's boots. This technology is the synthesis of Asolo's research in which two elements are melted together to improve comfort and performance. The first element is constructed out of a stiff material and will benefit anti-pronation, anti-supination, and anti-torsion. The second element, constructed with a softer material, offers shock-absorption while walking in these waterproof boots. As a result, this technology offers better support and stability, while it cushions your feet for all-day comfort.The bottom of these Fugitive boots features an Asolo Syncro sole, combining a polyurethane midsole and rubber outsole. The most dense, durable, and stable midsole material, polyurethane is a foamed structure which contains tiny air bubbles, making the material lightweight and shock-absorbing. PU will also remain flexible at extreme temperatures as low as -30° C, when rubber and PVC tend to break. Rubber also has excellent low temperature properties which allow the material to stay supple even in cold temperatures. Besides offering superior slip-, puncture- and cut-resistance compared to PVC, rubber is resistant to bases, acids, alcohols, and diluted water solutions of most chemicals that are water soluble. The balance of the outsole of these men's boots has self-cleaning lugs which are designed for optimum performance on various types of terrain.A rubber toe cap provides additional durability, protecting the forefoot of these hiking boots from scuffs, abrasions and splitting. You'll have great performance and comfort wearing a pair of Asolo OM3400 851 Men's Multi-Color Fugitive Gore-Tex Hiking Boots. Why not order a pair before your next hike?Manufactured Sizes: 7-12, 13, 14
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Recommended by hikers and backpackers, the Asolo OM2200 450 Power Matic 200 GV Women's Black Leather Hiker Boots are lightweight, waterproof, durably constructed and comfortable.Maybe your job entails wildlife photography, animal research or observation, or biological surveys and you spend a lot of time in the woods in rugged terrain. Hey, maybe you just love the feel of fresh mountain air in your lungs and spend your free time backpacking, hiking, and following mountain trails. Whatever the case, these Asolo backpacking boots have a great design and will suit your backpacking needs perfectly. The full grain black leather uppers are waterproof for a dry, comfortable feeling and easy cleaning after muddy situations. The Gore-Tex lining is both waterproof and breathable so moisture is transferred away from your feet and out through the shoe leaving you dry and comfortable.The anatomic footbed conforms to your feet for a fitted feel that is as unique as your individual feet. An Asoflex lasting board shank offers stability along with a triple-density midsole for shock absorption. The unique Power Matic soles consist of three densities that are molded together. The first density is designed to provide a high level of stability in the front portion of these hiking boots. The second density is in the heel area and is intended to reduce foot fatigue. Lastly, there are four low density cylinders placed throughout the foot in key pressure areas to absorb shock. The Power Matic (no batteries needed, thank you) dual density Vibram outsoles are both resilient, durable and slip-resistant for long-term staying-veritical-on-your-feet power.With all these features designed to make these boots durable, comfortable, dry, and stable, they are perfect for outdoors activities of all types, whether work or recreation. Pick up a pair of Asolo OM2201 Power Matic 200 GV Women's Black Leather Hiker Boots today and feel what a difference the right pair of boots makes.Size Manufactured: Narrow: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13,14 | Medium: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13,14 | Wide: 7-12,13,14
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