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The atec casey pro 20 ball automatic feeder ea is sold out or discontinued. We found 71 related products.
ATEC Casey Pro 3G...Versatile Training Machine! A game of inches. The difference between strike three and ball four can be the difference between winning and losing. The innovative Pinpoint Control System instantly delivers the precision to move pitches anywhere around the strike zone. With each quarter turn of the Easy Adjustment Knobs, the pitch location will move two inches. ATEC Casey Pro 3G Pitching Machines feature: Durable materials and construction built to withstand heavy use Micro adjustment feature: Adjust pitches instantly in micro increments for pinpoint control, up/down range of 36, left/right range of 18 Cast aluminum adjustment handles with pitch selection and speed chart Dual concave wheels for maximum ball control Up/down micro adjustment and high speed, precision spin-balanced aluminum hub Precision aluminum cast wheels with heavy steel and stainless steel welded construction with durable powder coated finish Quick adjustment to move from pitch to pitch, from drill to drill Built-in transport wheels and quick-release legs for easy mobility and storage Position indicators index pitch locations and changes 360 left/right rotation and 120 vertical pivot Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/4 hp Recovery Time: 8 sec. Generator Use: 1200W CD Pitches: fastballs, breaking balls, fly balls, pop-ups, line drives & grounders and catchers pop ups Perform fielding practice with line drives, grounders, and more Lifetime Limited Warranty Baseball Model features: Speed range is 30-100 mph Machine Weight: 96 lbs. Softball Model features: Speed range is 30-90 mph Machine Weight: 90 lbs. Built To Withstand Heavy Usage On The Playing Field! Please Note: The products on this page may only be within the United States
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Not just another net at a low-ball price from another fishing net company! The ATEC net is engineered specifically for the rigors of baseball and softball practice. Take a look at all the standard features and compare! Size: One Size. Color: One Color. Features Design Integrity - All nets will stretch and sag over time. And nets should give in all directions, yet hold their shape. This inherent flexibility is crucial to the very function of a net and the construction will impact the extent to which any of these properties will effect wear and performance. ATEC is an expert and has been building use-specific nets for over forty years. Quality Materials - ATEC uses Long-Life #30 knotted nylon mesh for the ultimate in wear and durability. This net has a rated breaking strength of over 230 lbs. The raw netting is dyed and treated to assure the weather and UV resistance you expect of a quality product. A knotted mesh will hold its shape longer and better than a knotless mesh. Not to mention its strong, rich and pleasing look! Corner Brackets - All of ATEC's Free-Standing Cage Net Systems include a formed aluminum bracket at all eight corners. These increase the life of your net by decreasing wear at the corners where much of the stress occurs every time a ball is hit. They also allow quick hookup to the chain suspension on the frame. In addition, all netting sags over time. The corner brackets make quick and easy work of adjusting out this sag. Easy Installation/Storage - No hardware or tools needed! The built-in Corner Brackets hook quickly and easily to the 'S' hooks attached to the ATEC Frame assembly. This allows you to hang for use or take down the net for storage all by yourself. One Year Warranty - Includes manufacturer's 1-Year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. Frame purchased separately Model N3070 For all ages & levels of training Size - 70'L x 15'6W x 12'H Weight - 125 lbs.
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