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The atomic rascal alpine ski kids one color 70cm is sold out or discontinued. We found 676 related products.
Atomics B2 Regulator is the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and style. Ergonomically designed to be the world's most comfortable second stage, the B2 is the next generation of the highly acclaimed Atomic Aquatics B1 regulator. The B1 regulators have received more accolades from the diving press and independent test reviews than any other regulator in history for both performance and ergonomics. The B2 shares the identical first and second stage design and performance as the T1, the most notable difference being the metal (titanium) used in the T1. The second stage is so light in your mouth it almost floats. Nitrox ready: Factory ready for Nitrox to 40%. Compact first stage design: Features 5-port low-pressure swivel and exclusive Jet Seat piston design. All titanium second stage construction: The industry's only secondstage featuring all-titanium construction for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and light in weight to eliminate jaw fatigue. Impact-resistant two tone second stage housing: Exclusive Atomic Aquatics Comfort Swivel second stage hose: The only second stage swivel of its' type that allows unidirectional movement without any loss of performance. This swivel articulates at the slightest movement to eliminate any binding or pulling of the second stage hose in the mouth. Constructed of polished 316 stainless steel. Seat Saving Orifice: Exclusive patented Atomic Aquatics feature prolongs the second stage seat life indefinitely, eliminating aggravating leaks and degradations in performance. AFC: (Automatic flow control) Exclusive patented Atomic Aquatics feature automatically adjusts airflow at depth to maintain stable, comfortable breathing. 2 year/300 Dive service interval: Corrosion resistant materials and maintenance saving designs extend the customary annual service period to 2 years. Limited lifetime warranty not contingent upon annual servicing.
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Atomic Regulators B2 Regulator - High Performance (Over $400) - FREE SHIPPING - *2-Year / 300-Dive Service Interval Non-contingent Lifetime Warranty – Dive more and wait longer between recommended servicing. The Lifetime Warranty is not contingent on service *Ergonomically designed *High performance regulator *All Titanium components providing virtually no wear or corrosion from the sand salt chlorine or the elements *Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox) * Seat Saving Orifice for extended service intervals  *''Diver Adjustable'' Airflow *AFC: (Automatic flow control) Exclusive feature automatically adjusts airflow at depth to maintain stable comfortable breathing  *360 degree 1st stage swivel *Comfort swivel 2nd stage hose *COLOR: Black Only * FULL MANUFACTURES WARRANTY LIFETIME MANUFACTURES WARRANTY - Never Pay For Parts - the only regulator with a 2-year service interval (Every manufacture except Atomic requires a 1-year service interval)-- And the reviews are in: Score: 20 out of a possible 20 -Scuba Lab Atomic Aquatic's B2 breathes effortlessly on the simulator regardless of RMV or depth. But this isn't just a laboratory reg. The B2 earned the highest total score for in-water performance of any reg in any price class. It breathes easily in all positions and is the only reg to earn an excellent score for dryness. The Best New Regulators - Scuba Diving Magazine - Scuba Gear diving equipment and dive gear with customer reviews
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