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The babolat aeropro drive gt junior tennis racquet is sold out or discontinued. We found 252 related products.
Babolat seeks to change tennis as we know it with the introduction of the first connected tennis racquet, the Pure Drive Play. It takes the specs of the Pure Drive and packs an accelerometer, gyroscope and microprocessor into the handle to collect data on your play. Babolat's sensors and processors collect information on shot power, spin, and more. The data can then be uploaded to your iOS or Android device. The Pure Drive Play packs cutting edge technology into an existing frame to help players break down and improve their game. Connectivity: The racquet syncs wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android) via integrated Bluetooth. You pair it to your device like any Bluetooth head set and then open the app to sync your data. The frame also plugs in via mini USB to your PC or Mac for data uploading. Pulse: This is a dynamic interface that reflects the power, technique and endurance portions of your game. The more you play, the more it changes. It will even email you if you haven't played for awhile. This is a great visual representation of the balance of your game. Analyze: This is where you log your training sessions and view the detailed info. You specify the conditions of the session and then save it. The program breaks down your shots (forehands, backhands, smashes and serves). You can view the power of each along with your percentage of spin and flat shots on each. An impact locator breaks down where on the string bed you are making contact for each stroke. Evolution: This tool allows you to compare your saved sessions. This is where you can track the progress of specific shots and technique changes. This section provides a wealth of historical data from all of your logged sessions, making it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as track progress with specific training goals. Skills: This section starts to incorporate video game aspects. The more variety you use in your game, you will unlock new levels and rankings. Become a diver
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