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The babolat tennis racquet pure drive is sold out or discontinued. We found 219 related products.
Babolat Pure Drive Lite Play 2015 : The counter puncher will enjoy the lighter feel and improved handling of the Babolat Pure Drive Lite Play 2015 tennis racquet. A reengineered drilling pattern called FSI Technology for Frame String Interaction improves consistency and depth on all shots. This racquet allows players to enjoy the game and achieve tennis strokes with greater ease. With Play technology you can connect your racquet to your game with an integrated sensor in the handle that links your swing data to the connected app. When synced to the Babolat Play app on your smartphone, your Pure Drive Lite will record swing data for you to later assess for the most ideal training possible. You and your coach will be able to adjust your training and work on skills based on the information you get from your Play racquet. All you have to do is pair the racquet to the app, turn it on with the buttons on the butt cap, and start swinging. Cortex dampening system allows for the unique sensation of power and precision on every shot. Elliptical shape adds resistance against twisting and flexing. Babolat Play app data: Total number of shots. Type of Stroke: forehand, backhand, smash, or serve. Type of Spin: topspin, slice, or flat all for each stroke. Impact Locator: where the ball is making contact with the strings. Pulse: data about your power, technique, and endurance. Play-time (racquet turned on) and Real-time (racquet moving). Shots-per-minute. Best Rally. Features: Set up as a right-handed or left-handed player. Play Pure Drive app and profile are both completely free. Woofer System provides 25% more contact time between the ball and strings, delivering more control and a more comfortable feel. A gravity calculator helps the sensor recognize forehand or backhand strokes. Racquet modifications (like lead tape) may affect results. Memory indicator on butt cap. Water damage resistant (light rain and sweat). Charge holds 6-8 hours of play. Includes USB cable for charging or to download data. Sensor may be affected in under 10° weather or over 180° f.
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