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The badger basket badger 09922 3 in 1 doll pram is sold out or discontinued. We found 1493 related products.
Badger - Beauty Balm Argan - 1 oz. (28g) Badger Beauty Balm Argan provides intensive nourishment. Honor and renew your beautiful skin! Argan Beauty Balm is a nourishing treatment for face, neck, and under eye area. Great for hands, too! Formulated with certified organic Beeswax and antioxidant-rich oils, this super-emollient and easily absorbed beauty balm keeps skin soft, smooth, and happy. The light floral and citrus aroma of Argan, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang smells delightful. 100% Natural and Certified Organic A super-emollient and antioxidant-rich treatment For face, neck, hands, and under eye area Easily absorbed; keeps skin soft, smooth, and happy Light floral citrus aroma of Argan, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang Badger Questions & AnswersWhat is the shelf life of an unopened tin of Badger?An unopened tin of Badger stored at moderate temperatures should be good for three years. If you open it and it smells good, it is good. Since most of their products are made with a base of olive oil and beeswax, both natural preservatives, even a balm that doesn't smell as good is still safe to use, just not as pleasant! They do not use chemical stabilizers or any other nasty stuff, so extremes in temperature (such as freezing, thawing, and humidity) can affect shelf life by changing the consistency and lessening the scent of the balm. All of their tins are imprinted with a Best By date on the outside of the lid, which is three years from manufacture. Their lip balms have both a date of manufacture and a BB (best by) date stamped on the bottom of the stick, which is two years after manufacture. Their oils have a Best By date sticker on the product boxes as well as on the bottom of the glass bottle, which is two years from the manufacture date. Their sunscreens have an EXP (expiration date) imprinted on the top of the tube within the crimped seal, which is two years from the manufacture date.
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