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The battery tender 022 0182 high frequency smt golf car charger 36 volts 15 amps is sold out or discontinued. We found 352 related products.
The Battery Tender 5.0 amp Charger easily allows you to charge and properly maintain any 12v battery for your car. If you're looking for a quality product to charge and maintain any 12 volt battery, look no further. If you own an automobile, motorcycle, off road vehicle or lawn tractor that sits unused for an extended period of time, you should definitely have a Battery Tender 5A Charger. It will keep your 12v batteries charged and fresh all year long so that you will never have to worry about needing a new battery for your vehicle. Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HzOutput 12 VDCWeighs 2.6 lbs4 charging steps Qualification, Bulk, Absorption, FloatSpark proofShort circuit protectedReverse polarity protectedSafety timer of 72 hours5-year warranty Battery Tender 5A Charger is perfect for charging and maintaining any 12v battery The Battery Tender 5.0 amp Charger is a quality battery charger that helps maintain the health and stamina of any 12 volt battery. With an input of between 100v and 240v of AC power and an output of 12v of DC power, this charger will keep your batteries full and healthy while they are not in use. This charger uses four primary steps for battery charging qualification, bulk, absorption and float, each assuring the quality upkeep of your 12 volt battery. The charger has a 72-hour safety timer, and it is spark proof, short circuit protected and reverse polarity protected. Plus, the Battery Tender 5.0 amp Charger is backed by a quality 5-year warranty. Always wear proper safety equipment when handling batteries and battery charging equipment 1 Year Warranty, Made in China Catalog Search
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Motocross/Dirtbike Battery Charger, Do you really need a battery tender? YES!A battery tender is a near requirement in the motorcycle world, especially with the technology involved with security systems on newer models which can drain your battery faster. Trust Battery Tender, there's nothing worse than ending a long week at work with the excitement overload that comes with a ride on your bike only to discover the battery is dead. Bottom line? You're going nowhere fast.Let's face it, we all want to ride every day of the week but life does have its priorities. Unless you're like the people at Battery Tender and can work in the industry, excursions are probably scheduled weeks, even months out. And, if you live in areas of the country where snow and ice keep your bike dormant for a season, then you're going to encounter a dead battery. The fact is the best way to keep your battery charged is to ride your bike regularly but we know that can't always happen.Prevent a Dead BatterySo, prevent a dead bike from ever happening by tending to your battery with the advanced charging system of the Deltran Battery Tender Plus. Worried about overcharging? Fear not, all Deltran Battery Tender chargers correctly charge a battery and automatically switch to maintenance / float mode.Extend the life of your motorcycle's battery with the smart charging brain.Designed to charge AGM, sealed maintenance-free, lead calcium and flooded batteries.Complete four-step charging program: initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, and float mode.Battery Tender&#174's 1.25 Amp will charge the battery in your motorcycle as fast or faster than any 3 amp charger on the market.Temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature.The Battery Tender Plus monitors the charge and switches to float charging mode once peak charge is reached; absolutely no danger of overheating or overcharging.Built-in reverse polarity protection to ensure user safety; red and green lights alternately flash in this condition..Quick connect harness, helps with hard to reach areas.A 10-year warranty.Note: Charger does NOT meet California (where it CANNOT be sold) / Oregon appliance efficiency standards. Dirt Bike
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