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Bleach: Shattered Blade (Nintendo Wii, 2007)

Based on a popular Japanese anime series turned Cartoon Network show, Bleach: Shattered Blade lets gamers take control of the star of the series, a 15-year-old Soul Reaper named Ichigo Kurosaki. Players can also fight with 31 other characters, each with special fighting techniques that mirror their moves from the cartoon. Wii warriors can wield their remote and Nunchuk as they battle through eight "episodes" along an original storyline. Gamers do battle in interactive 3D environments based on locales from Bleach. In addition to the story mode, players can take part in an "Arcade" and "Versus" modes where they can do battle with friends. Bleach: Shattered Blade features cel-shaded animation that should look familiar to fans of the cartoon, but progressing through the game will unlock characters who are completely new to the series.

Bleach: Shattered Blade (Nintendo Wii, 2007)

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pros: Solid controls, excellent gameplay, over 32 playable characters with unique abilities.

cons: Short story line, only really appeals to those who like the show.

Must buy for Bleach fans!!!

Bleach is a Japanese anime/manga that has recently made its debut in the U.S. on the adult swim sect... See Full Review

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Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2007
Key Features
Genre Fighting
Platform Nintendo Wii