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Braun FreeControl 1775 Cordless Rechargeable  Men's Electric Shaver

For days when you wish to shrug off that rugged look and wish to switch to clean face mode, the Braun FreeControl 1775 shaver is your best stylist. This Braun men's Shaver is clawed with sharp razors to trim all those rough edges. This Braun Electric Shaver is a cordless miniature that can conveniently be held in the hand. This Braun Cordless men's Shaver is equipped with a wide foil that immediately adapts to your face texture and type. If recharged for an hour, this Braun Cordless Electric Shaver will serve you for the next thirty continuous minutes. The Braun FreeControl 1775 works closely with your stubborn and short facial hair, to remove the meanly unwanted ones. This Braun Cordless men's Shaver assists in styling and fashionable cuts as well.

Braun FreeControl 1775 Cordless Rechargeable Men's Electric Shaver


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Product Reviews

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pros: Can be used corded or cordless, can be rinsed clean under the tap

cons: Cutter block wears out fast! Trimmer pulls more hair than it cuts

I've had it with Brauns...

I bought this shaver last summer and for the most part I've only used it once a week since then.&nbs... See Full Review



pros: good close shave, trimmer works well, holds charge, can shave even if battery is dead

cons: A bit expensive, if you wash- use oil

Brauns 1775 For An Excellent Shave

During the course of a few years, men go through a few razors. I generally have always preferred Rem... See Full Review



pros: Price, pretty clean shave, comfortable, durable, water-proof

cons: it misses hair

A Very Good Shaver When You Need to Shave Fast

Introduction Trying to find the right kind of electric shaver that will do a great work is very toug... See Full Review



pros: Cheap easy to use

cons: Not that good of a shave

Cheap Shaver

The Braun 1775 is a cheap shaver. It is ok for the money that you pay for it but it still is not tha... See Full Review



pros: Inexpensive, great battery life, works while plugged in, can get wet.

cons: It takes a long time to get certain spots. Noisy.

I love this little razor.

When I shave with a real blade, even a brand new "mach-3", I get ingrown hairs all over my neck. Thi... See Full Review



pros: Cheep.

cons: Cheep quality, didn't shave, took 30 mins for crumby shave.

Another Electric Shaver that Doesn't Cut It

I got the Braun FreeControl electric shaver as a Christmas gift in 2007. I had mentioned to my wife... See Full Review



pros: cleaning,close shave,inexpensive

cons: made in china

Best Electric shaver I have used

Over 30 years I have tried to find a electric shaver I could live with. Every time I tried to switch... See Full Review



pros: Charges Fast

cons: Poor performance other than sideburn trimming.

What was CR thinking?

I read with interest the review entitled "You Get What You Pay For". I was going to share the exact... See Full Review



pros: Inexpensive, nice quality shave. Wet/dry shaving. Quick charge. Long battery life.

cons: None.

Great shaver for the price.

Let me preface this review by saying that you'll never match the close shave of a straight razor. I'... See Full Review



pros: Smooth against the skin while shaving, inexpensive.

cons: Missed spots, had to go over spots repeatedly, not a close enough shave.

You get what you pay for

I bought this electric razor at a local retail store (for about $30) because it has good reviews aro... See Full Review

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Features Rechargeable
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Gender Men
Rechargeable Yes
Connectivity Cordless
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Brand Braun