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The burley 951301 travoy bike commuter trailer is sold out or discontinued. We found 375 related products.
This summer, show off your care for your cardinal friends with a . This luxrious bath is made from quality ceramic stoneware and features a hand-painted summer cardinal design. The traditional pedestal design is completed with a glazed interior top that has a bathing depth of 3.5 inches.  This style has an interlocking top to the pedestal base.   Special Note: The ideal bathing depth is 1.5 to 2 inches. You can simply fill the bath with 1.5 to 2 inches of water, or you can take the decorative approach and use polished stones or similar items to raise the water level while keeping the bird safe.   About Burley Clay Located in Roseville, Ohio, Burley Clay Products has manufactured garden pottery and bird baths since 1933. Proudly designed by craftsmen in a range of styles, from traditional to modern and sophisticated, Burley's planters are produced using reliable methods spanning from high-tech hydraulics to age-old handmade molding. The key to their quality lies in the fact that at Burley Clay, the artisans understand their materials as well as the needs of their customers; the result is high-quality, long-lasting planters that stand the tests of time and weather. Burley Clay planters are proudly made in America and sold across the United States and Canada.   A Note About Burley Clay's Unique Process Burley Clay uses several different production methods to produce their stoneware. From high-tech hydraulic and ram presses to the craftsmanship required in jiggering and casting, their production methods differ significantly but share certain features - an emphasis on quality, efficiency, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Certain production methods require thicker, more solid clay, while others demand a thinner, more liquid consistency. The processes carefully clean and mix the clay blend at a perfect consistency specific to each production method.   One of the methods Burley Clay employs today is a rarely found ''lost art'' form known as jiggering. It's an old-fashioned, hand-made process used to create several of their larger items, such as birdbaths, pedestals, and planters. In this process, the jiggerman places a plaster mold inside a spinning steel drum, then adds an estimated amount of clay inside of the mold determined by the size of the piece to be manufactured.   As the clay begins to dry, the plaster mold draws the water away from the clay, releasing the clay from the mold. The ware is then removed from the mold and the rough edges are trimmed. This acquired skill requires years of apprenticeship and is usually passed down to family members who have worked in area potteries for generations.     Quality ceramic stoneware construction 3.5 inch bathing depth Hand-painted summer cardinal design Glazed interior top Traditional pedestal bird bath Top interlocks with the base Dimensions: 17L x 17W x 22H inches Made in the USA
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