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The caldigit fasta 4e 4 port pci express sata 3g host adapter card for mac pro g5 and windows desktop... 728100 storage controller is sold out or discontinued. We found 7 related products.
The CalDigit SuperSpeed ExpressCard for Laptop is the first to offer USB 3-0 connectivity to both Mac and PCs with an available ExpressCard/34 slot- This two-port card enables the use of next generation USB technology, capable of speeds up to 5 Gbps- Originally designed for the CalDigit AV Drive, the SuperSpeed Card now opens the door enabling the use of the latest USB 3-0 devices- Every CalDigit product is designed with high quality components and the CalDigit SuperSpeed Card is no exception- Utilizing the latest technology, the SuperSpeed Card provides two 5 Gbps USB 3-0 ports on a PCI Express 2-0 card- All components, from the card to the cable, have been tested using a special oscilloscope to ensure optimum performance- While windows users have had access to USB 3-0 drivers for some time, there was never a driver for the Mac- So CalDigit's engineers developed the first USB 3-0 driver for Mac OS X- For the first time, both Mac and PC users are able to take advantage of the superior speeds of USB 3-0- Ideal for fast storage, the CalDigit SuperSpeed Card was designed to provide the CalDigit AV Drive the fastest connection possible- With speeds of over 145 MB/s from a single drive, the AV Drive has become the worlds fastest dual interface drive- With new USB 3-0 devices being announced everyday, the CalDigit SuperSpeed Card lets users take advantage of this next generation connectivity- Why USB 3-0? Simply put, USB 3-0 is fast! With speeds of up to 5 Gbps, it's faster than eSATA and FireWire- USB 3-0 is also backwards compatible with USB 2-0, so you can continue to use all your existing devices- Unlike eSATA, USB 3-0 provides power so devices can be bus powered- USB 3-0 supports video and audio playback much better than USB 2-0- The CalDigit SuperSpeed Card comes standard with a high quality USB 3-0 cable- The CalDigit SuperSpeed Card only comes with premium cables that have passed CalDigit's rigorous tests- The CalDigit SuperSpeed Card also provides the ability to take extra power from the laptop's built-in USB port- This is ideal for bus powered portable devices, like 2-5'' drives that demand more power than standard USB ports- 2 Port USB 3-0 ExressCard/34- First USB 3-0 Card with Mac Support also works with Windows- Backwards Compatible with USB 2-0- Supports SuperSpeed Data Transfers up to 5Gbps- Extra Power at Connectors- High Quality USB 3-0 Cable Included- SKU: CLDGT106
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